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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Breaking Bad Stars Dueling with Congressional District 1 Endorsements

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. It was a nice break for us too. Now we have to get back to all the business at hand. This post is by Mary Ellen Broderick.

We figured we would start with a post which did not make it up on the DFNM blog when it happened. This particular event was a simple endorsement of a candidate. However, there is a dueling quality to this endorsement. In the TV show these two characters appear in "Breaking Bad"; one is a good guy cop and one is a meth dealer. If we were to follow stereotypes one may guess Steven Michael Quezada the hispanic would be the meth dealer, but no, the meth dealer is the anglo guy, Bryan Cranston in the show.  So interestingly enough one star has endorsed Eric Griego and one star has endorsed Marty Chavez. Does this show anything? Does this add any further information about either candidate? Or must one be an avid Breaking Bad fan to read into the endorsements? In any case the TV hit series is called Breaking Bad, it is filmed here in Albuquerque, and it is a really good show.

So to end the suspense of who endorsed who; on November 10 Steven Michael Quezada was a guest speaker at an Eric Griego fundraiser and guess what? Quezada gave a glowing endorsement of Congressional Candidate Eric Griego. Below is a video of his speech at the event.

Steven Michael Quezada is an Albuquerque NM native and a long time friend of Eric. Steven described the similar passions he shares with Eric, of course the film industry and arts for our children and helping children. They met on the road both being comedians back in the late 80’s, and have stayed friends since then and have used their skills to try to bring positive change to their worlds. Steven goes on to say how anything worth having we have to fight for, being an American our freedoms “We have to fight this fight.” He goes on to say “Eric can’t do it all”. And we need to keep talking to people about Eric and what he believes in. We need Eric in D.C.

Here is Eric’s message from that night; Stand by the values he learned very early in life – “That we as Americans are in this together”.


Then Griego goes on to expand “What we need in Washington is not just one voice, we need a lot of voices”. We need to say “this is not what we believe in as Americans, we are in this together.”

On September 28th Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston endorsed Marty Chavez for Congress in NM-1. Please see this press release and DFNM blog post announcing this endorsement.

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