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Monday, October 17, 2011

Dem Eric Griego's Campaign for NM-1 Congress Reports $170,000 Raised in 3Q, 9,810 Small Donors

Eric and son at Occupy Albuquerque event this past Saturday

According to an email from Eric Griego, his "people-powered campaign" for Congress in NM-1 raised a total of $170,000 this past quarter, and has more than $180,000 cash on hand and $0 debt. "And impressively, we counted 979 New Mexican donors through September," he said. "We have now raised a total of nearly $293,000, the most of any candidate in this race. And 97.4% of the contributions were $100 or less."

"9,810. That’s how many people have decided to own a piece of our campaign to fight for the middle class in Washington," Griego continued. "Through September, more than 6,000 first-time contributors were added in the previous quarter."

Griego's email went on to say:

"We’re running a different kind of campaign. Our campaign is not fueled by money from Big Oil, Wall Street or big developers. It’s powered by people like you, who gave an average of $26 to this campaign.

"Our campaign is growing because people like you believe that what we need in Washington are more authentic progressive Democrats who will fight for bold investments to create jobs and rebuild the middle class. A warrior for working families fighting to protect Social Security and Medicare, promote renewable energy and a healthy environment, bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan, and strengthen campaign and ethics laws.

"So, thank you. The primary is still nearly 8 months away but we’re off to a strong start, thanks to your support. Now let me give you some updates about the campaign.

"Last week, I started a petition calling on Speaker John Boehner and Congress to build an economy that works for the 99% of us, not just the richest 1%. Already more than 500 New Mexicans have signed the petition and our goal now is to get 1,000 petitions. I will personally deliver them to Speaker Boehner in DC this month, so please sign the petition if you haven’t yet.

"A growing campaign also has a growing need for volunteers. Please contact Sisy Garcia at sisy@griegoforcongress.com or 505-730-9923 if you can donate some of your time. We can use your help Monday-Saturday to help gather ballot petitions, to make supporter outreach calls, or perform time-sensitive data entry or online research.

"We’re developing a new website that will go live in November. In the meantime, you can always be among the first to know when I release issue statements and announce campaign activities by becoming a fan on facebook or following me on Twitter. For those of you relatively new to the campaign, I encourage you to check out the facebook page’s “Notes” section to read about recently-released issue statements, press releases and endorsements.

"Thank you for joining our people-powered campaign. Onward!

Photo by M.E. Broderick.

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Yeah, Eric raised $169,585.35 (less $303.00 in presumably improper contributions refunded, for a net of $169k rather than the claimed $170K), but Marty raised $237k, including $20k contributed by Marty himself. I guess he has more money to his name than Eric.

Marty managed to put up a pretty nice web site, and recruit people, while still spending only $59,644, less than Eric's $74,488. Eric's campaign manager says that they'll have a web site up Real Soon Now (or next month).

What really surprises me is Eric's claim that of his 9,810 supporters, 979 are New Mexicans. Um, excuse me? 90% of your supporters are from out of state, presumably more than 90% are outside of your district, and you're proud of this fact??

Posted by: Michael H Schneider | Oct 17, 2011 9:15:28 PM

The 979 number is probably a misprint, Michael. Add a zero on the end. As for Marty, He just staffed up at the end of the quarter, Eric has been running for months. Of course he has larger expenses. Eric also doesn't have rich developer scum donors to max out their donations in the first quarter, like Marty does.

Posted by: Proud Democrat | Oct 18, 2011 11:42:15 AM

Having served 3 terms as mayor, Marty has a huge city wide donor list to tap at the start of fundraising. Eric has only his list from running for state senate-much smaller. How many of Marty's list are DINOs or Republicans?

Eric has gotten significant early support from the national progressive community because there are so few Democrats who are really Democrats running for Congress in this sad era of "centrist" BS. What is wrong with that? It shows Eric speaks truth to power and progressives everywhere appreciate that.

Posted by: Progressive Blue | Oct 18, 2011 12:21:54 PM

"The 979 number is probably a misprint, Michael. Add a zero on the end"

9790 out of 9810? Nope. Look at the list of $200+ donors, and you'll see quite a few from out of state. I could believe it a typo, but not that typo.

"Eric has gotten significant early support from the national progressive community ... . What is wrong with that? "

There's nothing wrong with that.

However, what counts in the end is votes, and only New Mexicans in CD 1 can cast votes. To the extend that he doesn't yet have a large base of CD 1 supporters whose votes - and whose activities in support of him he can expect - it doesn't augur well for winning the primary. He needs to be building a large base of local supporters, he needs to be working hard at building that supporter base, and he needs to start doing it months ago.

Out of state money is good, but only to the extent that it can help buy in-state votes. Apparently it has not yet helped buy the in-state votes. If the campaign is expecting to drive a lot of Griego supporters to the polls with TV ads next October, I think they're making a bad mistake.

That's my political prognostication, anyway.

Posted by: Michael H Schneider | Oct 18, 2011 1:32:19 PM

That's not counting supporters-it's counting people who donated money so far. Big difference, especially in a poor state like NM. You have to get $ to reach voters and he seems to be doing that. Of course he could be working harder on that as you point out.

I wonder how Marty thinks he will get any votes at the preprimary convention. I don't see it. He'd also have to get many voters to switch from Independents or Repubs to win a Dem primary here. I don't see that happening either.

Posted by: SCC member | Oct 18, 2011 2:42:14 PM

"Big difference"

Very, very true. However, it's hard to measure supporters, and easy to measure contributors. I think that the effort to get small donors - the 'click the link and contribute $3' sorts of things - have two aims. First is to get people to buy in, to become supporters, to feel they've made a contribution and are part of things. The other aim is to get some better measure of support; the thought is that someone who will donate $3 will probably vote, and so numbers of small donors is more likely to be an accurate measure of votes.

"I wonder how Marty thinks he will get any votes at the preprimary convention"

He's actively recruiting people to fill the vacant precinct positions. It's a big thing on the front page of his web site. I looked at the ward and precinct officials list a few months ago, and again a few weeks ago, and it looks to me like he's been getting large numbers of his supporters appointed to fill those positions - although I could be wrong. I haven't done the counting or checked with Ana.

Posted by: Michael H Schneider | Oct 18, 2011 4:25:53 PM

Michael: Eric had nearly 1,000 New Mexican contributors… to put that in context, that's nearly quadruple the 250 that MC got in Q3. Most of Eric's money (more than 97%) came from less than $100… meaning, many more real people support Eric. And these grassroots contributors won’t be maxing out any time soon. We should all remember that we still have nearly 8 months to go before the primary.

Posted by: Emily | Oct 18, 2011 4:26:23 PM

Appointed fine. But they still have to get elected again to be delegates.

Posted by: SCC member | Oct 18, 2011 6:10:39 PM

"that's nearly quadruple the 250 that MC got in Q3."

How do you know how many NM contributors Marty had? I've looked at the FEC web site, and at Marty's statement, and I couldn't find that information. I'm not a bit surprised that I missed something, but I'd appreciate learning where to get that information.

"Most of Eric's money (more than 97%) came from less than $100… meaning, many more real people support Eric. "

I've been having some real trouble understanding that claim. Looking at the Detailed Summary Page from FEC.gov for Q3 of Eric's campaign, I see the following:
"11. Contributions (other than loans) From:
(a) Individuals/Persons Other than Political Committees
(i) Itemized 64604.38
(ii) Unitemized 97198.66"

I had thought that itemized contributions were those that aggregate to $200 or more per contributor. If so then doing the arithmetic (97.2/(97.2+64.6) suggests that about 60% of Q3 donations came from people who donated less than $200 total to his campaign.

Of course, I may well be misreading or misunderstanding either the FEC report or the press release statement. I am forgetting the committee contributions, but that just makes the percentage figures lower.

I suspect it's another typo - that it meant to say that 97% of contributors gave less than $100. Or possibly that a whole lot of people gave several donations of less than $100 in each donation, but when added together each individual's donations totalled $200 or more.

Perhaps someone who knows more than I do can clarify things.

I support Eric. I've donated money to his campaign ($25), I've donated furniture and supplies ($60 to $75 cost from my pocket) and I've donated time (50 - 100 hours). But I disagree with his positions on some issues, and I don't think his campaign strategy is perfect (anyone who disagrees with me is, ipso facto, imperfect) and I can find the FEC web site (whether I can read it and understand it is, of course, an open question).

I'd like to see him win, but that doesn't mean that I'll mindlessly support anything he or his campaign does. I worked this out some 40+ years ago when people were saying "America is fighting in Viet-Nam, and as an American it's your duty to support your country." Nope. I support what I believe is right, and criticize anything I think is wrong.

"we still have nearly 8 months to go before the primary"

Precisely true, and I'd like to see every moment of that time, and every available resource, used as efficiently and effectively as possible to maximize the odds of him winning not only the primary, but the general.

Posted by: Michael H Schneider | Oct 18, 2011 6:13:56 PM