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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

ABQ Animal Welfare Desperately Needs Homes for Cats: Can You Help?

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Please help spread the word about a desperate situation that has developed at The Cattery at the Albuquerque Animal Welfare shelter. The Cattery is facing a much larger population of cats than it can possibly deal with. I've gotten several emails about this, and local news programs have reportedly ignored requests to air this message. The shelter simply cannot handle any more cats, and needs additional support from the community. Please do what you can:

The Inn is Full
The Cattery at the Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department is nearly full. Last weekend they received 121 cats. Animal Welfare’s ability to house and care for such a large number of cats is approaching capacity, and they are in need of assistance.

The total number of cats has reached over 500, and while their cat adoptions are up 23 percent, as compared to this same time frame last year for the month of September, cats have come in at a higher-than-normal rate. In the month of September alone, an average of 35 cats per day was brought into the shelter. This new daily average for the month of September is greater than the average daily intake for the past year by 8 animals. This upward trend pushed even higher in the last week of September -- reaching an average daily intake high of 38 cats.

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Spay and Neuter Your Pets Please!
The shelter said the message it wants to emphasize is that while they endeavor to adopt out every animal they take in, they also ask that the public act responsibly by participating in the spay-neuter program at Animal Welfare, or in other programs supported by other animal facilities of their choice. Failure to spay or neuter pets brings uncertainty in the lives of these wonderful animals.

October: Half-Price Adoption Fees
Animal Welfare is also asking the members of the community to open their hearts and homes by adopting one or two of these wonderful felines today. During the entire month of October, adoption fees for cats will be half the usual price. Senior Citizens (50 years of age and up according to AARP) and all Veterans with proper identification and documentation get an additional $10.00 discount from the above fees.

Each adoption will include spaying or neutering, all vaccinations required by law and a microchip. For information visit the shelter's web site at www.cabq.gov/pets. Also check out Animal Welfare's Facebook page.

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My family is big supporters of The Cattery. We appreciate all you do. I am going to share this and see if we can get some kitties adopted/fostered.

Posted by: Lynn (NM Enchantment) | Oct 5, 2011 12:52:22 PM

1 or 2 dead cats show up in the yard every week. Socorro is very hard on cats. There are many feral cats here that are starving enough to eat the chicken scratch out of my chicken traps. I have lost many cats out here so I got to the point of giving up on kittens and only adopting adult cats already fixed. I would look for the largest cats I could find. They would disappear and get killed too. My friend knew I was looking for such a cat and tracked one down that actually made it up to Albuquerque as a rescue cat from Socorro. His name is Blue Harley and we renamed him Crystal Fang. He is surviving. We have had him going on 2 years.

Posted by: qofdisks | Oct 5, 2011 8:55:33 PM