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Monday, September 26, 2011

NM-1 Congressional Candidate Eric Griego Ranked #2 on AlterNet's 5 Progressive Candidates to Watch

EricGriegoCr On Friday, AlterNet published a story about "5 Progressive Candidates to Watch as the 2012 Campaign Heats Up." At Number 2, the article listed Eric Griego, a Democratic candidate for Congress in New Mexico's First District, and had this to say about the race:

2. Eric Griego—New Mexico House District 1

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) made its first endorsement for a 2012 Congressional race, and it's Eric Griego, currently a state senator and running for New Mexico's 1st district House seat, as Democrat Rep. Martin Heinrich is vacating the seat to run for Senate.

The PCCC's email called Griego “one of the most progressive members of the New Mexico Senate,” and pointed out that he challenged a more conservative Democrat for his state senate seat. They jumped into the race to try to raise funds for Griego early and warn off more conservative Dems, saying that Griego will “vote to bring our troops home, tax big corporations and the rich, and protect Social Security and Medicare from benefit cuts proposed by either party."

The 1st district,in central New Mexico, in and around Albuquerque, is considered pretty safe, so it's a move by the PCCC and others to get a fierce candidate who will actually fight into the Congress rather than have another Blue Dog in the spot.

And Griego seems to be up for the challenge --"The last thing we need to send to Washington is a Democrat who is a kinder, gentler version of the Republicans, frankly,” his campaign video says.

The other candidates AlterNet named to the list -- all Democrats -- include 1. Tammy Baldwin—Wisconsin Senate; 3. Chris Murphy—Connecticut Senate; 4. John Waltz—Michigan House District 6; and 5. Elizabeth Warren—Massachusetts Senate.

Being ranked high in a listing of four other noteworthy candidates with strong national profiles indicates just how important this race in New Mexico is viewed on the national scene by prominent progressive Dems -- and how much attention Griego is garnering as a progressive standout. As noted in the AlterNet article,

While Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul eat up time on cable news with their latest out-there soundbite, we thought we'd bring you five progressive candidates to keep an eye on. Their message is resonating with people in their districts, and these candidates are ready to steal some of the spotlight back from the ultra-right with policies that would actually improve the lives of working people.

Imagine that!

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Excellent! More of this, please.

Posted by: bg | Sep 26, 2011 2:21:54 PM