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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

9/23: ABQ MoveOn-SWOP Rally for American Dream and Protest Against Right Wing Hispanic Leadership Network

Susana,QueHasHecho POSTER
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From MoveOn New Mexico: An Invitation to Action: Download INVITATION_Susana Que Has Hecho

WHAT: A Rally sponsored by MoveOn and SouthWest Organizing Project: Join us! If your group/organization would like to co-sponsor this rally, please notify us. This is a chance to EDUCATE, ACTIVATE, and ILLUSTRATE what’s really important to New Mexicans. You may choose to have a speaker, have an information table, or both.

WHEN: FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23rd, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

WHERE: ABQ CIVIC PLAZA, SE Corner 3rd St. & Tijeras NW

WHY: A right wing group –- American Action Network -- has formed the Hispanic Leadership Network (HLN) to recruit Latinos. They are holding a conference at the Albuquerque Hyatt on September 23rd and 24th. Governor Susana Martinez will speak at the event on Friday evening.

We feel it mandatory to present an alternative view –- a view of what really benefits and empowers Latinos and other People of Color. This rally is a chance to respond to this “Hispanic Leadership Network” and their push toward a conservative agenda that benefits the rich at the expense of the rest.

MoveOn is a sponsor and helped form the Rebuild the American Dream movement. More than 131,000 Americans came together online in their communities to produce the Contract for the American Dream, identifying 10 critical steps to get our economy back on track and Rebuild the American Dream.

Some core values that are included in the contract that we believe are particularly relevant to this event include

• We believe in liberty and justice for all
• We believe in high quality public education for all
• We believe in the right to a fair living wage for all
• We believe in preserving the right to vote for all

LINKS: http://moveon.org and http://www.swop.net/ and http://rebuildthedream.com and http://www.hispanicleadershipnetwork.org/event/


SWOP - Tomas Garduno at tomas@swop.net/505-247-8832. MoveOn.org - Greg Sandoval at gregjade@gmail.com/205-0961 or Margo Morado at marmorado@aol.com/294-0000 or John Davis at davis-roome@msn.com/520-4711904 or Deborah at Marez-Baca at tinybrownwoman@gmail.com/453-4712/.

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This is not the last of this sort of thing. This is why the larger amount of money that the right wing is used to spending in Texas politics has to be looked at. What is coming over the border with it?

This is a tactic of setting up organizations and then putting serious funding behind them in order to create the appearance of a groundswell. There will be more.

What is at stake is the New Mexico Senate seat and any congressional seats that the Republican Party can pick up.

The amount of money that historically has been spent in any statewide races in New Mexico is very small compared to what these people have been spending in Texas.

What ought to be happening is the development of PACs, 527s or other orgs that can begin to create a firewall.

Posted by: Stuart Heady | Sep 21, 2011 12:52:50 PM