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Monday, July 18, 2011

7/19: Medicare's Last Birthday Party March and Protest in Albuquerque

The NM Alliance for Retired Americans and OLE New Mexico will celebrate what they hope isn't Medicare's last birthday at a protest outside the Bernalillo County Republican Party Headquarters on Tuesday, July 19, at 1:30 PM, with the delivery of a black birthday cake and black balloons to the local GOP HQ. The protest will also include birthday cake for all who attend, symbolizing that late July is the birthday of Medicare.

Those wishing to participate should meet at the AFSCME Union Hall at 1:00 PM that day -- 1202 Pennsylvania NE (North of Lomas, West of Wyoming). The march will end at the GOP office located at 8100 Mountain Road NE, Suite 102, in Albuquerque (map). Wear black!

"The Republican budget takes away our Medicare and replaces it with a voucher system, causing seniors like me to pay more and more out-of-pocket for our health care," said Retiree Sylviana Diaz-D'Ouville. "Medicare is a promise to the American people. It's a promise that ensures seniors -- and our kids and grandkids, one day -- can get the care they need without having to lose their life savings in the process. Let us hope this is not Medicare's last birthday."

Demand government for people, not for profit. Got Questions? 505-796-6544 or 505-401-1328 or NMSeniors@gmail.com.

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Remember that most Repubs in both houses of Congress voted to kill Medicare this spring. It was called the Ryan Budget. Several Repub candidates in NM have come out in favor of it, and are harrassing those who aren't, like Heather Wilson. (She is for another plan that may be worse, Cut, Cap and Balance.)

Posted by: Michelle meaders | Jul 18, 2011 9:46:52 PM