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Monday, June 13, 2011

6/14: Young Dems Host Rally Calling for Resignation of BernCo Commissioner Michael Weiner

From Young Democrats of New Mexico:
The Young Democrats of New Mexico will be hosting a public rally calling for the resignation of Bernalillo County Commissioner, Michael Wiener on Tuesday, June 14, in Albuquerque. At 4:30 PM, attendees will gather at Harry E. Kinney Civic Plaza to show their dismay with Commissioner Weiner and his inappropriate comments made towards a female employee.

According to an independent report following allegations of sexual harassment, Commissioner Wiener was found to have made inappropriate comments towards a female staff member. After the report was made public, Weiner stated he has no intention to resign from his position. President Benai Padilla stated, “These comments are unacceptable and Commissioner Wiener needs to be held accountable.”

Attendees are encouraged to bring family, friends, and others who feel Commissioner Wiener acted inappropriately and must resign.

Discrimination cannot be tolerated. Elected officials must be held to the highest ethical standards expected by the constituents who put them in office. Any elected official who engages in repeated ethical lapses must step down from their office. Please help us hold Commissioner Wiener accountable by signing this petition supporting women who have been harrassed in the workplace.

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"The woman claimed that Wiener stood in her office doorway twice and commented that she was “looking good.” Wiener said he was talking about her re-painted officer.
Then, she said he made a crude joke to her by poking fun at his name and the name of another person. Weiner said he told the joke in presence, but not to her directly, and admitted it was crude.

Read more: http://www.koat.com/news/28169530/detail.html#ixzz1PGqPXcAd"

This does not constitute harassment. It does constitute an insult to women that are truly harassed in the work place. I am personally insulted by the woman's lack of humor and confidence that will make getting taken seriously as women working on par with men. Cripes girl, defending yourself does not mean running to management as a first resort. Stick up for yourself directly to the jerk.
How does walking on eggshells affect morale at work? Who do you think is going to be considered for hire when the choice is between a man or woman for the same position? Work is not a place for tender feelings.
I worked exclusively with men for 20 years. A good sense of humor was in tall order. If a colleague pi$$ed me off, I threw his a$$ out of my lab. If a superior was offensive, I told him to stop being an a$$ and explicitly told him how he was being an a$$ and to take it elsewhere. When the time came for me to make a real complaint, my superiors took me seriously and the offender was fired the same day. My co-workers and superiors knew that I was not offended easily, were comfortable to be around me, and had absolute trust in my word when some guy really did cross the line.
HUMOR. When I first started working at the company, there were nekked women posted up everywhere. So, I simply started posting nekked men and especially gay porn. I thought this was just hilarious. It didn't take a week for ALL the nekked pics to be taken down on clear co. policy. The guys laughed about it for years. I worked with men alone in dark rooms and out in the field in deserts and on mountains. We traveled together, ate together and napped in the dirt. We worked in close physical proximity often with bodies touching. We chatted all night on ops and meeting deadlines in dark labs. For a time, I become closer to some of these guys than they were to their wives. In all this, there was NEVER any discomfort or threat being around me. I was NEVER sexually uncomfortable or threatened in anyway. I even told a dirty joke once in a while myself although the guys were restrained from telling dirty jokes due to co. policy. I knew which guys would relay them to me on the sly as my curiosity of the jokes getting around would make me nutz.
The women that lost respect with the men were those that dressed in revealing ways, the stupid ones, the ones that hit on and slept with co-workers AND the ones that took themselves too seriously.
If the guys were uncomfortable around a woman, she was not only censored, she was excluded from the good jobs and technical discussions. Those women actually got run off by being ostracized and even sabotaged.
I must say that I hope that the female county employee gets sacked and basically black-balled for being such a whiner. I think that Weiner should take every passing of her office as an opportunity to stand at her doorway and pass gas.

Posted by: qofdisks | Jun 14, 2011 11:37:31 AM

Agreed w qofdisks. Based on I can't see any evidence that this is a real case of harrasment versus just some lightweight insulting behavior by a tactless jerk. Seems to me that staging a protest over this is going way overboard.

Posted by: enchanting505 | Jun 14, 2011 12:21:19 PM

Going way overboard? And when does it become not ok to make inappropriate statements in the workplace?

Posted by: simplybaffled | Jun 14, 2011 1:03:28 PM

Translation : I enjoy all the attention I get as a female in an all-male environment. And when a guy I don’t like (read : office rival) annoys me I can demonstrate my power by getting him fired.

Posted by: Uncle Elmer | Jun 14, 2011 7:01:52 PM

The comments on here are even more sexist than Weiner's BS.

Posted by: Eve | Jun 14, 2011 7:26:58 PM

Fuck me or lose your job started with jokes.

I was a young child when I was a victim of sexual harassment. My father died as a consequence of his service in Vietnam, and I was raised by a single mother.

She entered a trade dominated by men. Their words for her, "you are taking a job a man needs to support his family."

She worked through that harassment to gain the trust of the other men on the line. Then the hell started.

Her boss, a person with power over her job, told her, "fuck me or lose your job." She refused to fuck her boss and he fucked the next ten years of her life and the life of her children.

We spent 10 years suffering through inept attorneys trying in vain to mount an attack against the best firms in town.

She could not work and we evicted from multiple apartments. I went to 13 different schools and lost 10 years of my childhood.

Anyone who says this does not constitute harassment has never been a victim. My mother told me the words "fuck me or lose your job" started with jokes.

Posted by: A Male Who Suffered | Jun 14, 2011 9:31:56 PM

Uncle Elmer. No, I had no power except by my own technical expertise. I was not high in status or pay but I was trusted to do certain critical tasks that were specialized. In fact, it WAS serious, extended gross sexual harassment and the more I tried to handle it on my own, the worse it got. I will spare you the horrible details but by the time I went to my boss, I was at my rope's end losing sleep and crying all the time and dreading going to work. My very soul was filled with loathing and dread. My health was impacted. Asking for help on such a matter was an agonizing last resort because complainers and especially female complainers were at jeopardy of being blackballed from important tasks and ostracized.
I was lucky, but I had created alot of that luck by gaining the trust and respect of my associates long before there was trouble. My co-workers had my back.
A Male Who Suffered,
this is the kind of true sexual harassment that women suffer at work and needs vigilance and co. policy, and government regulation to prevent.
The minor irritation that the county woman failed to handle on her own and reported to management as a first resort is an insult to your mother who truly suffered. My heart goes out to your mother and all the women who suffer the trauma of true harassment. I have experienced sexual harassment and sexual discrimination first hand and I have witnessed worse. That is my point.
As a young waitress, my boss used to pin me against the counter and molest me everyday. I started smacking him with the tray and he stopped, but I kept my job. I even became friends with him over time. Still, my experience does not compare to the extended grief that this self-sacrificing mother had to endure. As women, we stand to hurt our long term cause by being thin skinned and whining. We have to be tough, humorous and self effacing. Really ladies, we need to keep our powder dry for when the real offenses occur or we will not be listened to or even liked much less respected.
True harassment is extended over time.
The victim should document each occurrence and keep a file.
The victim needs to express to the harasser that they are being inappropriate each and every time.

If the harasser is a superior, it is much more complicated and difficult to protect yourself.
I am frustrated and embarrassed by the county woman who has no real clue about true harassment. Women like that make it harder for the rest of us and if she were working corporate, she would be blackballed.

Posted by: qofdisks | Jun 15, 2011 12:01:03 AM

Stop making excuses for the juvenile, unprofessional, unacceptable behavior of males in the workplace. Even if harassment was not a factor - which it is - what kind of county commissioner spends his work time telling lame, low life jokes? Doesn't Weiner have anything else to do or think about in terms of solving the many serious problems we have in this county?

He has been caught before telling sexist and racist jokes, emailing them and acting like an ass. Time for him to step down and let someone serious about serving have a chance.

Posted by: Edie | Jun 15, 2011 8:55:13 AM

Edie, human beings are not automatons. If he was being a bore, his co-workers and direct supervisors should have done something about it first.

Posted by: qofdisks | Jun 15, 2011 9:43:25 AM