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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Action Alert: Contact Lawmakers on CVNM 'Hope on the Horizon' Pro-Conservation Legislation

The 2011 Legislative Session is quickly drawing to a close and, although this year has seen a significant number of bills that would undermine New Mexico’s common-sense environmental safeguards, there has also been some positive activity. To help the general public and media identify these glimmers of hope, Conservation Voters New Mexico (CVNM) presents the “Hope On The Horizon” list -- a compilation of pro-conservation legislation that is within a step or two of final passage.

This is legislation to keep an eye on. Good things are happening, and with a little help from the conservation community, legislative leadership and all New Mexicans, these bills, resolutions and memorials can pass.

Below you will find a short list of the Hope On The Horizon legislation, with more in-depth descriptions and current status in this document (pdf). Please contact your legislators and/or the committee members involved and urge their support.

HB9:  Homeowner Association Act (Stewart)

HB75:  Geothermal Pump Tax Credit Refundability (Gonzales)

HB145:  High Performance School Buildings Act (Stewart)

HB147:  Availability of Agendas for Public Meetings (Smith)

HB160:  Public Records Availability and Procedures (El Chavez)

HB161:  Tax Expenditure Budget Development and Report (El Chavez)

HB284:  Renewable Energy Facilities in Enviro Services Tax (K Martinez)

SB12:  Dental Amalgam Waste Reduction Act (Wirth)

SB52:  Electronic Copies of Public Records (Fischmann)

SB124:  5 Feet For Cars To Pass Bicycles (Wirth)

SB237:  Colleges in Energy Efficiency & Bonding Act (Keller)

SB271:  Inspection of Public Records Act Penalties (Keller)

HJM10:  Large Animal Traffic Safety Pilot Project (Stewart)

HJM20:  Importance of Local Food Systems (B Lujan)

HJM38:  Maintain San Juan River Trout Fishery (Taylor)

SJM3:  Electronic Handouts for Interim Committees (Sapien) 

SM12:  Study ABQ-Bernalillo County Water Authority (B Sanchez)

SM43:  Rio Grande National Wildlife Refuge (Eichenberg)

For more information, contact Leanne Leith, Political Director of Conservation Voters New Mexico, at 505-710-8406 or leanne@cvnm.org. The 2011 legislative session will end at noon on Saturday, March 19.

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