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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Conservation Voters NM Urge NM Legislators to Sign Pledge to Protect Environment

During her campaign, Republican governor-elect Susana Martinez talked a lot about her determination to roll back regulations, especially environmental regulations, should she win the election. Martinez's campaign was heavily supported by people in the oil and gas industries, as well as other moneyed interests, so rest assured that one of the main thrusts of her administration will be to try and please her big donors at the expense of our state's natural resources. That's why I'm pleased to see that the Conservation Voters New Mexico (CVNM) Education Fund is being proactive in the fight to preserve environmental protections in our state.

CVNM today announced the release of a new website that tracks the responses of New Mexico state legislators to a pledge to protect New Mexico’s environment. The Pledge to Protect New Mexico, which was sent to all 70 state representatives and representatives-elect and 42 state senators, affirms that the signee agrees not to weaken any existing environmental protections in the state of New Mexico.

“New Mexicans want and deserve clean air and water,” said Sandy Buffett, Executive Director of CVNM-EF, in a statement released today. “They aren’t willing to gamble with the health of their families and communities, and they shouldn’t be forced to do so.”

According to CVNM Education Fund, the purpose of the Pledge is to educate voters about “environmental rollbacks,” or legislation that weakens environmental protections. The Pledge also encourages state legislators to recognize that strong environmental policies are critical to maintaining our quality of life, health, and unique landscapes.

The text of the pledge, which is available on the website, focuses on the health and quality of life of New Mexico’s families and workers. It also indicates that environmental regulations contribute to a vibrant economy.

“For New Mexico to succeed in a competitive and challenging economic climate,” reads one clause, “it is essential that we protect the quality of life and unique landscapes that make our Land of Enchantment desirable to workers and businesses.”

What We Can Do
New Mexicans can visit the Legislative Pledge website, www.cvnmef.org/pledge, to find out if their state legislators have signed the pledge. Visitors to the website can then contact their legislators to let them know that they care about environmental issues by thanking them for signing the Pledge or encouraging them to sign if they have not already.

“As transparency and accountability of elected officials have become more important” said Buffett, “New Mexicans deserve to know which legislators are committed to ensuring that we have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink.”

Visit the Pledge to Protect New Mexico Website: www.cvnmef.org/pledge/. Visit CVNM Education Fund: www.cvnmef.org.

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