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Friday, November 12, 2010

State Auditor Balderas Announces Special Audit of NM Corrections Department

State Auditor Hector Balderas today released a statement announcing a special audit of the New Mexico Department of Corrections. Balderas said the special audit will target potential abuse of the procurement process by certain vendors who were awarded large government contracts by the Department. Allegations pertaining to questionable transactions were brought to the Auditor’s attention by Department management and a tip reported through his Fraud Hotline.

“After analyzing information on this case over recent months, I have determined that taxpayer dollars are at risk and an immediate special audit is warranted,” Balderas said. “Unlawful profiteering on the backs of New Mexico’s taxpayers will not be tolerated.”

Balderas said he looks forward to continuing to work closely with appropriate officials at the Department of Corrections during the course of the special audit. The Office of the State Auditor has designated an audit team from the State Auditor’s Special Investigations Division to conduct the special audit. A completion date has not been made public.

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