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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DPNM Calls on Albuquerque Mayor Berry to be Accountable for Susana Martinez Transition Chairs

City of Albuquerque Chief Public Safety Officer Darren White and City Attorney Rob Perry have been selected to serve on Governor-elect Susana Martinez's transitions teams. Darren White will serve as the Chair for Public Safety and Homeland Security and Rob Perry as the Chair for Corrections.

The Democratic Party of New Mexico's Executive Director, Scott Forrester, called on Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry to pledge that Darren White, Rob Perry and any other city employees who are participating in the transition teams work be unpaid, off the clock, and fully accounted for.

"In these tough financial times when departments and employees are asked to do more with less, tax payers should have the right to know two city public employees and all other city employees serving on the transition team will be not be serving while on tax-payers' dollars and all of their time will be accounted for while serving on the Governor-elect's transition teams," said Executive Director Forrester in a statement released today.

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