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Monday, October 11, 2010

PRC District 5 Race: Hall Admits Record of Failing to Pay Taxes; Personally Attacks McCamley

Sparks flew on Saturday in the race for New Mexico Public Regulation Commission in District 5, as GOP candidate Ben Hall admitted his failure to pay his taxes and other bills and defended his actions as commonplace. He also made several patently false statements about his opponent, Democrat Bill McCamley.

"Mr. Hall apparently thinks he can defend his 14 tax liens by saying everybody does it, but that doesn't make it right," said McCamley, speaking in front of the home he has owned since 2005.

Hall posted a letter on his campaign website carrying a stunning admission of his own failure to pay his bills over the course of two decades. Hall included a lengthy defense of less than a third of the 21 liens filed against him, but failed to explain why he had 14 tax liens, totaling over $350,000. Hall glossed over these other tax liens, writing only that, "If you were to check the records of many businesses, you would find several of them have had labor and tax problems."

According to McCamley, Hall's letter also made several patently false statements about him. McCamley called on Hall to immediately remove these personal attacks from his website.

"The last thing hard-working taxpayers want on the PRC is another ethically challenged politician who fails to pay his taxes, and makes up lies about his opponent," McCamley said.

"It's one thing for Hall to lie about me, but he should leave my family out of it," McCamley continued. "I've worked hard for everything I have, and I'm a proud homeowner who has always paid my taxes. I've done everything from manual labor in cotton fields to serving as a commercial real estate agent today to get by. More importantly, I'm proud of my public service helping to bring ethics reform." 

According to McCamley, here are the facts on Ben Hall's failure to pay his taxes and other bills:

Hall accumulated more than $350,000 of tax liens from 1983 to 1998 (averaging almost one per year during that time), more than $100,000 of other liens from suppliers he refused to pay, as well as numerous lawsuits against him for reasons like "Unpaid Labor," "Breech of Contract" and "Debt and Money Due." See pages 4-7 of Fact Sheet (pdf).

McCamley also provided facts on Ben Hall's voting record.

During his time in the legislature, Hall repeatedly voted to defend big banks and insurance corporations. The most appalling of these was a vote against a bill that required insurance to provide coverage for mammograms. Additionally, he voted against regulations requiring banks to have written contracts for large loans, credit card companies to have maximum interest rates and insurance providers to engage in competitive behavior. See Hall votes sheet (pdf).

Astonishingly, he also voted against legislation that would have created criminal penalties for contractors who used funding given to them for certain projects on other things. See page 4 of Fact Sheet (pdf).

No wonder Ben Hall has refused to debate Bill McCamley face to face. There's a lot about Hall's record he'd apparently like to avoid defending publicly. 

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Does Hall believe that "mammograms are the sacred covenant of feminazism?"


Posted by: bg | Oct 12, 2010 8:14:29 AM

Between Ben Hall and Matt Rush it is hard to tell whom is the worst candidate in this election. I don't want to rush to a hall-mark decision.

Posted by: Hemingway | Oct 12, 2010 10:39:08 AM

Try running against Patrick Lyons he has them both beaten. Worst is his middle name.

Posted by: Stephanie DuBois | Oct 12, 2010 7:40:22 PM