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Thursday, October 28, 2010

NM-03: Top Six Reasons Republican Tom Mullins is Crazy

Mullins2 By now, everyone has noticed that Tom Mullins, the right-wing Republican who's challenging Democratic Congressman Ben Ray Luján in New Mexico's Third Congressional District, holds positions that are more than a little out of the ordinary. Now, one of Rep. Luján's supporters has put together a document that demonstrates just how off the scales Mullins' positions are.  For your enjoyment, here are the top six reasons Mullins isn’t just dangerous and wrong -- but is actually crazy.

6. Landmines on the border

In case you hadn’t heard, Tom Mullins went on the radio and rambled on about his proposal. Our favorite part -- after being named the second "Worst Person in the World" on MSNBC, he backpeddled saying landmines weren’t his idea. They were someone else’s idea. Some nameless person. Someone named Som Smullins?

5. Frenemy of Native Americans?

Tom Mullins, friend of all the Native Americans, gives three ways for you to connect with your Native American neighbors:

a. Travel to Kewa Pueblo and bemoan the lack of "white faces".

b. Question sovereignty by saying that tribes speak out of two sides of their mouths.

c. Build a time machine to settle a Native American court case after it has been settled with help from your opponent. (See the clip here; starting at 1:45, you can see his Cobell discussion.)

4. Calls Family Farms socialist

Mullins’ Halloween costume: a socialist family farmer. They sneak into your community in the dead of night to practice socialist activities like working the land and paying their taxes!!! You can try to ward them off with garlic, but that doesn’t work -- because they’d just plant it!!! Spoooky.

As the Clovis News Journal reported, the folks don’t seem to be heeding Mullins’ warning. The paper reports they "groaned" as he warned of the impending socialist family farms.

3. Leave New Mexico if you can’t find a job

Tom Mullins has a brilliant plan to rebuild our hard-hit rural communities: move. That’s right -- if you live in Rio Arriba, Tom’s recommendation to strengthen your area is to get outta there. Check out this clip starting at 9:59. He doesn’t understand that New Mexicans hold their land, cultures, and traditions deep in their hearts -- especially in places like Rio Arriba County.

2. Social Security: Ponzi Scheme, Socialist, or a Socialist Ponzi Scheme?

Pop quiz! Is Social Security: a. a Ponzi scheme, b. socialism, or c. a form of socialism.

Answer -- all of the above! In this quiz, everyone wins! And by "wins," I mean "loses." Social Security is one of the greatest achievements of the 20th Century, and Mullins has called it socialism, a Ponzi scheme, a form of socialism, and says we need to privatize it. Check out this clip starting at 1:51. 

1. Wants to eliminate federal education funding

Who doesn’t love the Constitution? While we all agree that our founding fathers were visionaries -- I gotta be honest, I don’t actually want to live in 1787. And that’s where Tom and I part ways.

Tom wants to give extra tax cuts to the richest in America, while eliminating all federal funding for students’ educations like Pell Grants. Why eliminate all this support? Because the Constitution -- originally written when 18% of the population was enslaved and couldn’t read or go to school -- didn’t prescribe for education directly.

No, in this clip he makes it very clear that you’ll have to make do while billionaires name their yachts Sir Worthington Yorkshire III and sail away to better places ... places where the people can read.

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And this loon was endorsed by the Albuquerque Journal? Shows a real lack of credibility on the part of that right wing rag.

Posted by: JJ | Oct 29, 2010 1:19:06 PM

Why is Mullins considered a serious candidate? Just for the hell of it I went to one of his early events to meet him and ask him some questions and he seemed to be disconnected from reality.

I already voted for Lujan and now I'm working on getting my friends out to vote. If Mullins wins by some fluke we are in for a shit load of trouble.

Posted by: El D voter | Oct 29, 2010 2:48:46 PM

I think there is a stupefying ray aimed at earth from somewhere in outer space. What else explains the rising level of stupidity?

Posted by: Stuart Heady | Oct 29, 2010 4:05:50 PM