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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Art Jaquez Guest Blog: Calling All Democrats to Support Diane Denish

ArtJaquez This is a guest blog by Art Jaquez, a lifelong Democrat, proud liberal activist and starving artist, living in Blanco, New Mexico.

I just returned from the Grand Opening of the Diane Denish office in Farmington, where I was once again inspired by the words of our great senator, Tom Udall, and Diane Denish, our wonderful candidate for governor. However, I was dismayed to see a Democrat say she will vote for the Republican over a single issue! I can think if nothing more wrongheaded and self destructive.

We are now locked in a battle for the future of New Mexico, where the consequences of defeat are too gruesome to contemplate. It is vital that all Democrats come together in support of Diane Denish, who is the only candidate that will defend our Democratic values and fight for our jobs, a viable public education system, a new energy economy that places New Mexico as a leader in renewable technology, move us forward in ecologically sound ways with our oil and gas exploration and power production, and protect New Mexicans from the predatory practices of unscrupulous insurance companies and payday loan sharks.

If we fail to do so, Suzanna Martinez will set the state back for a decade or more as she takes us into the fantasy Never Never Land of the Tea Party, which is driven by corporate interests and the Republican propaganda machine, Fox News, et al. Once there, she will seek to destroy the Democratic agenda and organized labor, trash all environmental regulations, follow the lead of Arizona’s unconstitutional immigration law that targets Hispanics for racial profiling, sell us out to corporate interests, gut public education and cater to her billionaire Texas donors, who seek to redistrict New Mexico in the model of Texas, which will make it nearly impossible for a Democrat to be elected.

The choice is simple, we Democrats either come together to elect Diane Denish and Brian Colon so that we may continue to move forward and build upon our many recent accomplishments, or we throw it all away, cede power to the crazies and send New Mexico back to the Dark Ages of Republican rule, where the corporations run the show and the middle class becomes but a distant memory.

I ask you to join me in working for the only intelligent choice, Diane Denish and Brian Colon.

Thank You

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I wonder if all those woman voters supporting Susana realize that her current husband was a MARRIED MAN when she started "fooling around" with him. She's an adulteress who holds nothing sacred!

Posted by: stop.lying.susana | Oct 5, 2010 11:38:47 AM

Tell it like it is Mr. Jacquez! Having Martinez in there would ruin everything we have worked for for so long. All Martinez has is a Hispanic last name and ads full of lies.

Posted by: Marcos | Oct 5, 2010 11:41:14 AM

Did you know Susana Martinez's grandparents on one side were "illegal aliens"? Now I don't usually care about this issue much but it makes her such a two face to make this issue into a hate thing and then it turns out her own grandparents snuck across the border. Why won't reporters ask her about this?

Posted by: Mike C. | Oct 5, 2010 1:52:15 PM