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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Acclaimed NM Poet and Youth Leader Jimmy Santiago Baca Cuts Radio Ad Supporting Diane Denish

Renowned poet Jimmy Santiago Baca recently cut a radio spot for Diane Denish for broadcast around the state. In the ad, Baca -- who also does a lot of youth outreach and literacy work -- talks about his family's long history in the state, of growing up in a small village here and of being the first in his family to be educated. Click to listen to the ad (mp3). Excerpt:

Education is key. And every step of the way Diane Denish has been there, in person, in spirit, and in support ... I can think of noone better to serve as our governor than Democrat Diane Denish, helping thousands of our kids to start reading young. She's proven over 30 years that she walks the talk. A vote for Diane is a vote for your children's future, my kids future, ours altogether.

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