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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

10/5: New Four Corners DFA Group to Hold First Meeting in Gallup

A new DFA group, Democracy for McKinley County, is starting up today in Gallup and holding its first meeting. If you live in the Four Corners area, check it out. I'll let Bill Monroe, who's organizing the meeting, explain what's up.

I am Bill Monroe. My wife and I moved to Gallup from Columbia, Missouri in June of this year. I was a founding member of Democracy for Missouri, a very active DFA group in Central Missouri which has hosted two DFA trainings, a State Convention and helped recruit and support numerous successful (and unsuccessful) candidates to elective office. One of our members was elected as a John Kerry Delegate in 2004 and I was an elected Obama Delegate in 2008.

This will be a bid to reestablish DFA progressive activism in the Four Corners region centered in Gallup. We will meet to join forces and promote a progressive agenda taking on big Uranium, native water rights, and protection of this beautiful land, while recruiting and helping to elect progressive Democrats to represent our values of community, mutual support and caring for all.

Our first meeting will be Tuesday October 5th, at 6:00 PM in Camille's Restaurant (just next to the dance circle in front of the courthouse). You can join the group and RSVP here.

I am really at a loss as to the political scene here and I am hoping to meet like minded progressives and plug into the local Democratic structure. The initial focus of this group , assuming that we get a turnout of 3 or 4 people, will be to engage in GOTV efforts this November. Lets give the lie to the meme that the "Left' is dispirited with a big Democratic turnout in McKinley County. It was so nice to register to vote here as I was able to declare party affiliation. This must make the party ID effort a cinch. I envision door knocking and phone calls to get out the vote in the weeks leading up to the election. Lets roll...!

Tea party? Coffee party? Yea sure ...whatever you want to order! It is time to rally the true majority of Americans ... progressive, civic minded and loving people who care about each other and the Country we love. We will meet in such a way as to tap into the resources of the one million strong Democracy for America organization. Lets keep McKinley County green (and very Blue!)

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