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Monday, September 20, 2010

'We Are New Mexico' Distributes Flyers, Launches Radio Ads Revealing the Real Susana Martinez


Tell it like it is! There's a new, Northern New Mexico grassroots political organization that's out to set the record straight on just who GOP candidate Susana Martinez -- Susana La Tejana -- really is, and what it would mean to New Mexico if she should win the gubernatorial race.

We Are New Mexico, a newly formed New Mexico political organization, began airing radio commercials regarding the upcoming election for New Mexico’s next Governor this past Friday, September 17th, and has also been distributing printed literature far and wide. Check out the messages and download and pass on the flyer as it has a lot of incredibly important information about Martinez, and the nasty right-wing operatives who are supporting her financially.

We Are New Mexico's Bruce Wetherbee says a radio ad in both Spanish and Engish is now running on 10 radio stations in Northern New Mexico, and additional ads are in development. The ads will run through election day, November 2nd.

According to a statement released by the group, We Are New Mexico considers its mission as follows:

  1. To help New Mexico’s voters understand the importance of the upcoming Gubernatorial election.
  2. To guard New Mexico’s natural, political and governmental resources against the invasion and captivity of outside special interests and their political operatives.

The organization summarized some of its concerns in this statement:

"We Are New Mexico is concerned that unprecedented large single donor out of state contributors are trying to unduly influence who the next Governor of New Mexico will be.

"We Are New Mexico is concerned the Republican Candidate for Governor refuses to apologize for accepting $750,000 from four special-interest driven individuals from California, Wyoming and yes Bob Perry from TEXAS!

"We Are New Mexico is concerned the same Republican Candidate for Governor, Susana Martinez, is more interested in getting elected at any cost, than in the appearance of so much of her money coming from people who have a history of getting their way from politicians they control with their contributions.

"We Are New Mexico is concerned if Susana Martinez is elected, next January when New Mexicans call the Governor’s office, they will be put on ‘HOLD’ while Susana takes calls from Bob Perry and his friends from Texas, California, Wyoming and just about anywhere else where someone with a big fat check book will write another check for $100,000 or more for Susana’s next new ambitious run for office.

"We Are New Mexico plans to focus on the protection of our natural resources, our water and the ability of New Mexicans to control our state government and establish New Mexico policy without the influence of powerful outside special interests and their operatives that have taken control of state governments elsewhere, such as happened in Texas over the last ten years by the likes of Bob Perry (Texas Multi-millionaire Developer), the deceased Ken Lay (Former convicted CEO of Enron) and their political henchmen, ex-Congressman Tom Delay and current Texas Governor Rick Perry."

Learn More
The organization's President is Martin Suazo, Trudy Valerio-Healy serves as Treasurer and Bruce Wetherbee is handling communications. Visit the group's website at http://wearenm.com/ to learn more about the organization and its activities, check out its pamphlet and ads, get more involved or make a donation. Spread the word! Many voters still don't know about the real Susana Martinez, and it's up to us to help get the truth out there -- before it's too late.

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Good job! Keep up the fight! No voting for Tejana Susana!

Posted by: Rene | Sep 21, 2010 8:47:28 AM

Gente who vote for Martinez are suckers. Learn the facts people!

Posted by: Jesse | Sep 21, 2010 9:53:09 AM

Susana is a phony. She talks about being honest but takes all the money from crooked Republicans. She would hurt our state very much. I am so glad this group is doing something about it.

Posted by: El Norte | Sep 21, 2010 10:19:03 AM

Susana has been going around "forgetting" to mention she is a Republican trying to pass herself off as a Democrat up north. Liar.

Posted by: Carlos | Sep 21, 2010 2:30:54 PM