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Monday, August 16, 2010

New Radio Ad: Martinez's Sweetheart Deals vs. Denish's 'Budget Bulldog' Award

The campaign released a new radio ad that will begin airing today on Albuquerque metro stations. Click to listen to an mp3 of the ad.

The ad contrasts recent stories of Susana Martinez's cronyism and use of border-security money to give fat bonuses to allies with Diane Denish's record of consistently under-spending her budget and earning a Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce 'Budget Bulldog' award for taking a stand against new taxes.

"New Mexicans are starting to learn a lot about the real Susana Martinez," said Denish spokesman Chris Cervini. "I don't know what's worse: Cutting sweetheart no-bid deals with your cronies or Martinez saying she'd do it all over again as governor. Either way, that's not the leadership our state needs during these tough times."

Here's a transcript of the 60-second ad:

Breaking News: The Albuquerque Journal revealed on August 9th that candidate Susana Martinez spent hundreds of thousands in border security funds on pay raises and bonuses to state employees in her office.

Repeat: Susana Martinez spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer-dollars on bonuses for aides instead of on border security.

The Journal also reports that Susana Martinez spent 60 thousand in taxpayer dollars to buy office supplies from her top deputy’s home business. It was a no-bid deal. There wasn’t even a contract.

In other news, Diane Denish earned a budget bulldog award from the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce opposing big tax increases on families.

And because Diane Denish came in under-budget every year, she’s returned nearly a quarter of million dollars to taxpayers.

The facts are clear: Diane Denish is looking out for New Mexico’s budget. And our families.

While Susana Martinez is just another typical politician looking out for herself. She’s not on our side AND not the change we need.

Paid for by the Committee to elect Diane D. Denish.

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