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Thursday, June 03, 2010

BernCo Sheriff Candidate Pat Davis Thanks Supporters (and We Thank Him)

PatDavis I've posted a message below that was sent to supporters by Pat Davis, who was a candidate for Bernalillo County Sheriff in Tuesday's Democratic primary. Although Pat didn't win his race, he managed to come within 5.5 percentage points of the winner, Manny Gonzales -- who was already serving in the post as an interim appointee. This was quite an accomplishment, especially in a field of seven candidates. 

Even more impressive, to my mind, was that Pat achieved it by running a truly grassroots campaign on a relative shoestring -- one full of positive messages, energized volunteers, fun-filled events and intelligent dissection of some of the most important issues in law enforcement.

Pat and his partner, Matt, worked their hearts out on the effort -- and so did all of the volunteers who saw real hope and opportunities for significant change emanating from the campaign. Well done, Pat. You made Mary Ellen and I, as well as so many others in our community, very proud! It was a brave and beautiful campaign by a smart and well-qualified candidate who just happened to be an out gay man, and we hope you decide to do it again some time in the future!

Message from Pat Davis to supporters:

Thank you!

It is easy to have friends when you win. It is better to have friends when you lose. Thank you all for being great friends.

Who would have thought, just five months ago, that we could have put together such a great campaign in such a short amount of time?

Thank you all for every word of encouragement, every email sent, every phone call made, every dollar given, every mile walked and every vote you turned out!

I am humbled by the support you showed Matt & I, and because of you, people listened. I am proud of the campaign we ran, and I am proud to have my name on it. I hope that all of you are proud to have your name on it as well.

You helped make ours the only campaign in this race that was 100% funded by donations from the community. Because of community support, we showed that our community wants a louder voice in public safety decisions that affect us all, and that progressive ideas are welcome in this debate.

Thanks to you, I feel more connected to our communties now than ever before. I met so many great people who are involved in work that is so much more important than themselves. They have inspired me to stay involved, continuing to work to make our communities better.

For many of us, this race was as much about opportunity and equality as it was about responsible law enforcement. I am proud to have carried that message, and we proved that it is possible for openly gay candidates to run viable campaigns in our most populous and diverse county. Sexuality became a part of the discussion, not the only discussion. That is progress that we can all be proud of.

As we move forward, please keep working to elect the right candidates.

For those of you who gave up your nights and weekends to volunteer, take a well deserved break. Enjoy some time with your family and friends, and tell them thank you for giving you time to get involved. (I know I could not have done this without Matt, our families and friends!)

Your skills and dedication as volunteers are invaluable to campaigns, and there are many candidates who will need your help.

I hope to see you soon, volunteering alongside me to elect Diane Denish and our other great candidates!

I hope you will all continue to stay in touch, and tell me how I can help you in your own ventures!

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Thanks for being such a great candidate, Pat.

I have to say, this is the very first time I have EVER. been excited about a race for Sheriff. Thanks for running. I hope we see you on the ballot again!!

Posted by: bg | Jun 3, 2010 8:56:50 PM