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Friday, May 28, 2010

Lt. Gov Candidate Joe Campos Endorsed by NM EMS and Trauma Viability Committee

Democratic Lt. Governor candidate Joe Campos has been endorsed by the NM EMS and Trauma Viability Committee. The Committee cited Rep. Campos' help with trying to get sustained, adequate funding for EMS and trauma services statewide, and his sponsorship of a bill to do just that:

Representative Joe Campos stepped forward and agreed to be that advocate and sponsor. He worked with us to develop House Bill 99 and carried it through several committees and finally to the House Floor, not Once but Twice where it failed by Three votes.

You can read the letter from the Committee endorsing Rep. Campos, as well as his response, below the break.

To: New Mexico EMS and Trauma Communities From: NM EMS and Trauma Viability Committee

Last year after the tremendous response at the Region 3 conference in mailing letters to our legislators, the EMS and Trauma Viability Committee was developed to take our message to Santa Fe to obtain additional funding for the Emergency Medical Services and Trauma facilities which serve our friends, families and citizens. Our Fund Act had not increased since 1998 and remained at about $3.85 million dollars for the past 12 years. In 1998 those funds were distributed to 316 services but our EMS community has grown to over 450 without an increase in the general fund dollars and operating costs have significantly increased in those 12 years. In addition, the Trauma Authority funds were being cut at a time when our Trauma designated hospitals were expanding which was threatening the progress that was being made across the State.

We knew we had many obstacles to overcome including the State being hundreds of millions of dollars in the Red, State revenues shrinking, the Democrats and Republicans split on tax increases versus major cuts to the existing budgets, but we came together with the three Regions, the Statewide Advisory Committee, our partners in EMS for many years, the Trauma Authority members and the support of the Secretary of Health to try and accomplish this huge task.

We attended legislative committee meetings across the State and educated them about our need. We developed a plan to add a less than 1% fee on property and vehicle insurance to raise approximately $16 million dollars to double and replace the current General Funds that were coming from the State and return those dollars to the State treasury. This new designated and sustained funding would then support the EMS agencies and Trauma hospitals caring for our citizens into the future.

However, the pivotal point in the plan was to have a dedicated legislator to sponsor a bill to carry our plan forward. At the Region 3 Conference in Ruidoso in 2009, Representative Joe Campos stepped forward and agreed to be that advocate and sponsor. He worked with us to develop House Bill 99 and carried it through several committees and finally to the House Floor, not Once but Twice where it failed by Three votes. It was a huge effort by countless Emergency Medical Technicians, Physicians, Friends, Family and you to help us get that far. Joe worked with his legislators, behind the scenes and spent countless hours during the short session to carry this message.

We have regrouped and our planning to move forward again to obtain this essential funding but recognize a key factor is the support and endorsement of the Executive office. To accomplish this critical step the EMS and Trauma Viability Committee members listed below request your support to Elect Joe Campos as Lt Governor of New Mexico so he can again lead this effort. He spent the last year supporting us during these very tough times and now is the time for the EMS and Trauma Communities to Support Joe Campos.

We will be back in Santa Fe this winter and need Joe Campos there as Lt. Governor with us. We need your support for Joe along with your friends and family to vote for him to help secure our EMS/Trauma funding.

The EMS and Trauma Viability Committee support Joe Campos for Lt. Governor.

James S. Stover, Chairman Dr. Dale Kester, Vice Chairman Donald McNutt, Member Jan Elliott, Member Dr. Craig Rhyne, Member Tim Zaqorski, Member Jerome Haskie, Member Dr. Philip Froman, Member Carl Gilmore, Member

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Chairman Jim Stover or Vice-Chairman Dale Kester, MD, via phone or email. All NM and EMS Trauma Viability Committee

Vote JOE CAMPOS June 1st for a Better EMS and Trauma System in NM!

Joe Campos responded to the endorsement,

"I am very pleased by the endorsement of the New Mexico Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Viability Committee which represents over 8,000 emergency medical workers here in New Mexico.

In this environment of concern about rising healthcare costs, it is self-evident that early intervention and early response to an emergency can prevent catastrophic health consequences that can incur staggering costs. An efficient cost effective healthcare system must include early emergency intervention and response.

In November of 2007, the Governor's Task Force on Emergency Medical Services (EMS) published the results of their study. The study found that 'New Mexico's EMS Regions are underfunded, unable to adequately provide their vital regional EMS infrastructure support.' A striking fact is that 55% of the EMS organizations are operated and staffed by volunteers and yet the volunteers are not getting the support they need to enable their volunteer services. And when these EMS organizations do not get support, that impacts their ability to respond.

I sponsored House Bill 99 to support EMS in order to ensure that emergency services are available when New Mexican families are in need. As lieutenant governor, I will again take up the cause of adequately funding emergency medical services and I will use my influence to rally support within the legislature to do the right thing for New Mexico families."

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This is interesting. Look at his most recent expense report, released yesterday. He paid a GERMAN film production company to work on his commercials.

Wants to Energize New Mexico...but doesn't support one of New Mexico's growing industries? To save some dollars, he doesn't just pay to out-of-state companies, he pays foreign companies.

Posted by: NMDem | May 28, 2010 12:24:51 PM

That "German" company is actually based in Albuquerque and is run by a UNM professor.

Posted by: Quarterback | May 28, 2010 1:34:49 PM

Does anyone believe voters will be interested in this film company issue or affected by it? Give it a rest.

Posted by: D.O. | May 28, 2010 2:11:27 PM