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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BernCo District 1 Commission Candidate Naranjo Lopez Endorsed by Central NM Central Labor Council

NaranjoLopez Former AFSCME Local 3022 President, Loretta Naranjo Lopez, was endorsed by the Central New Mexico Central Labor Council on Monday, May 3, 2010 in her Democratic primary campaign for Bernalillo County Commissioner in District 1. District 1 is located on Albuquerque's West Mesa and in the North Valley.

"I was unanimously endorsed by my brothers and sisters," said Naranjo Lopez in a statement released by her campaign. "The council represents 35 different unions and 47,000 employees. It is with unity that we will make history. Thank you.”

Naranjo Lopez said she is running for the office of Bernalillo County Commission because she has the passion, background and training. She stated that she will provide accountability and openness on the Bernalillo County Commission. She stressed that she has the education and leadership background, including the ability to create a positive vision for the district, and a commitment to family and community to serve the district.

The campaign of Loretta Naranjo Lopez explained that she has at least 40 years of union family history. She started with AFSCME Clerical union in the 1980s when it was created. She first organized the management union in 2000. On February 12, 2001, she became the first President of the Management Union Local 3022.

AFSCME mobilized employees concerning the city of Albuquerque budget shortages and possible employee layoffs. They has at least 1,000 employees and families at the Convention Center talking to the City Council about the dignity of work and looking at alternatives for layoffs, and because of our organizing efforts, nobody was laid off.

The Naranjo Lopez campaign explained that she has 25 years of public service and 18 years of volunteer community work experience. As a union leader, she provided alternatives to lay-offs. She was also instrumental in organizing around the quarter-cent tax for Public Safety. This was the first time the Fire, Police and AFSCME unions came together on an issue. “All unions sat at the table and cooperated to make sure this issue was passed,” aaid Naranjo Lopez. 

More recently, as a community organizer, Loretta was instrumental in obtaining $12 million for infrastructure repair in her neighborhood. For 50 years, residents in Martineztown dealt with flooding and nothing was being done to correct this flooding issue.

“As a retired person, I will be an accessible, available, and as an inclusive county commissioner who will use my leadership and experience to get things accomplished together," Naranjo Lopez said. "I will be visible in the community and I would like the community to be more involved in County government.”

“I would be honored to serve my fellow union brothers and sisters and District 1 on the Bernalillo County Commission," she continued. "I respectfully ask for your vote on June 1, 2010. Thank you.”

Loretta Naranjo Lopez is facing Michelle Lujan Grisham and Dan Serrano in the June 1 Democratic primary for Bernalillo County Commissioner in District 1. The winner will go on to run in the general election against Republican Simon Kubiak. The seat is currently held by Alan Armijo.

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