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Thursday, May 20, 2010

5/22: Holy Hullabaloos: An Unconventional Look at Church/State Separation

From ACLU-NM: On Saturday, May 22nd, the American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico (ACLU-NM) will host constitutional law professor, humorist and author Jay Wexler at the ACLU-NM Annual Meeting. Wexler, the author of Holy Hullabaloos: A Road Trip to the Battlegrounds of the Church/State Wars, will recount his often hilarious adventures tracking down the people and places responsible for some of the most controversial Supreme Court cases involving religion.

From Pennsylvania Amish country, Texas high school football games, ultra-Orthodox Jewish enclaves in New York and Santeria get-togethers in Florida; Wexler takes us on a uniquely American journey to the unusual places where the nation’s highest court has drawn the line between church and state. Wexler’s knack for decoding the maze of Supreme Court esotericism into compelling, down-to-earth stories makes this event a don’t-miss—especially for those who had trouble staying awake in 12th grade civics. Jay Wexler is a law professor at Boston University.

The annual meeting takes place on Saturday, May 22, from 10:00 AM to Noon, at the Harwood Art Center located at 1114 7th St. NW in Albuquerque. Click to RSVP.

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