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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Howard Dean in New Mexico: Get Involved or Get Pushed Around (With Photos & Videos)

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The photos above are from Howard Dean's visit to Albuquerque on February 9, 2010, which was hosted by the Democratic Party of New Mexico and Democracy for New Mexico. He spoke at a rally with Young Democrats at the SUB Theater at the University of New Mexico, and then attended a grassroots fundraiser for the Democratic Party of New Mexico at Cosmo Tapas in Nob Hill. Afterwards (running late of course!) he traveled up to Santa Fe for another fundraiser for the DPNM, this one at Rio Chama Steakhouse in Santa Fe. All the events were well-attended and, in fact, the Santa Fe event had to turn people away.

The Daily Lobo has a good report on Dean's appearance at UNM. All during his visit, Dean stressed the importance of getting involved and staying involved in the political process:

“Being in a democracy requires obligations, not just freedoms,” Dean said. “I don’t like talking about freedom, because people always want to talk about their rights and they never want to talk about their responsibilities. Freedom isn’t free. What freedom demands of us is working at it. Democracy is a human invention, and like every other human invention, if you don’t nurture it, it dies.”

Social change begins from the bottom up, Dean said, and everyone should participate. “We do have the power. The question is whether we are willing to use it or not. In order to use it depends on our willingness to stick to it,” he said. “We can do it — state by state and community by community.”

Dean discusses Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts and what it means.

The bottom line on Dean's message throughout his visit was that unless we stay involved -- regardless of the disappointments and defeats we may experience -- things are guaranteed to get worse. We can't let the Republicans take over as they won't give our views the time of day. We can't let the Democrats coast, because they won't be bold or tough enough. Unless we stay active, we'll get pushed around by Washington insiders and corporate interests. Electing good Democrats is an essential step one, but unless we hold their feet to the fire, Washington's worst will engulf them too. Remember -- what the other side wants us to do is stay home, stay quiet and stay stuck. We can't let them succeed.

Dean on our job today in electing Dems and holding them accountable.

We DO have the power, but not unless we exercise it -- not just in elections but day in and day out. The pressure for change will never come from within Washington. It can only come from the bottom up -- from the citizens.

Dean on keeping up the fight for health care reform.

Below are several more clips from Dean's speeches in Albuquerque. I hope you'll listen, and heed the call to action. Now is the time to ratchet up the energy, not pout and sit at home. There's way too much at stake to let the forces of NO prevail. Our nation and the world can't survive it.

Dean on where we are now. Don't trash the whole party because four people screwed it up!

Dean: Do at least one thing every day that's political.

Dean on the Party of NO!

Note: Also see our previous post on Gov. Dean's visit to New Mexico.

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I feel like I was there. Thanks!

Posted by: Mel | Feb 12, 2010 9:36:07 AM