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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BernCo Sheriff Candidate Pat Davis Weighs in on Guns in Restaurants Bill


Pat Davis, a Democratic candidate for Bernalillo County Sheriff, issued a statement today in response to New Mexico Senate Bill 40, Concealed Guns in Certain Restaurants. The bill, which would allow those with concealed carry permits to bring concealed guns into restaurants that have beer and wine licenses, passed both chambers of the New Mexico Legislature and is on Governor Bill Richardson's desk awaiting approval or a veto.

Davis said:

“I’m running for Sheriff because Bernalillo County needs the right leader for right now. Leadership is more than just heading a department; It’s speaking out and doing what’s right for the people you protect.

"There is currently an unnecessary bill before the Governor that would allow concealed weapons into beer and wine establishments. While, as a long-time gun owner myself, I strongly support an individual’s right to own and operate a firearm, the simple fact is guns and alcohol do not mix.

"While each can be enjoyed responsibly, mixing the two can be deadly. In a time when we are just beginning to realize true progress towards addressing alcohol-related issues, it is irresponsible for us to open the door to new opportunities for public safety to be compromised.

"As a police officer, I carried a weapon for years, both on-duty and off-duty. However, in that same role I saw far too many needless deaths, which resulted from reckless use of both alcohol and firearms.

"In short, this legislation does not enhance public safety in Bernalillo County and I join the New Mexico Restaurant Association and the many citizens of this great state in opposition to the bill, and strongly encourage Governor Richardson to veto.”

"New Mexico SB 40 unduly places the responsibility of enforcement of the provision on the owner or manager of an establishment and, by proxy, their employees. The law aso requires that concealed weapon permit owners know the difference between beer & wine only establishments and liquor license establishments, and that permit holders know whether 60% or more of an establishment’s income is derived from non-alcohol sales. The same standards will be required of police officers and prosecutors who pursue violations.

Many permit holders will assume that they can carry unless otherwise instructed, placing many law abiding citizens at risk for unnecessary prosecution and revocation of their permits. In addition, the legislation places no responsibility on patrons to refrain from alcohol consumption while armed."

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Good for Pat! That fact this bill even got this far is shameful. Who elects these idiots? I'd be ashamed and very careful if I had my name connected to this bill. Que vuerhuenza! Thanks for being the voice of reason Pat! You have my support!

Posted by: Bernie Logue Y Perea | Feb 25, 2010 9:40:29 AM

Unnecessary retorts.Let the crimminals know that someone PACKS heat at all times.

Posted by: Archie Perea | Feb 26, 2010 9:45:31 AM

Archie-Guess you aren't afraid of innocent people, including children, getting hurt by accident. Just recently someone dropped a gun in a move theater downtown and shot a woman in the foot.

Posted by: Sgt | Feb 26, 2010 11:14:52 AM

I totally agree with the candidate's stance. There is no need to further enhance the "cowboy mentality" of those concealed carriers who don't have the judgement, common sense or emotional stability to keep it holstered unless absolutely necessary. This is not a generalization; there are those who carry who are emotionally fit, have good judgement and are not going to over react to a situation. It's the others who scare me.

Posted by: Jeff | Mar 1, 2010 10:51:46 AM