Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Text and Video of Diane Denish Concession Speech

The following are Diane Denish's remarks from earlier this evening, when she gave her concession speech at Hotel Andaluz to so many hard-working Democrats. Click for a video of her speech.

How about Brian Colon? I couldn’t have asked for a better running mate. He was a great infusion of energy on the campaign trail and he truly cares about the people of New Mexico. He has a great future ahead of him!

I want to thank my family for standing with me and allowing me to fight this fight.

I want to thank Ted F. Martinez, my dear friend who had double bypass surgery just a few weeks ago and came back to the campaign trail – I could not ever ask for a truer friend and confidant.

And finally, I want to thank everyone out there who supported me, helped us and fought so hard these past few months. Your hard work carried and inspired me.

I am honored to have served the people of our great state these last eight years. I am proud of our achievements, but also humbled by your faith and trust in me.

Win or lose, I would not be here without you. Herb and I are eternally grateful to each and everyone one of you in this room and those watching at home for your support and encouragement during this campaign.

Together we did all that we could do to win this race.

We have come up short but I hold my head high, and you should too. The voters, here and across the country, responding to economic and political forces have chosen a different direction.

I truly believe we would have been the more effective change agent, but as sometimes happens in politics the other side came out on top.

Susana Martinez and I have not yet spoken, but I congratulate you on your victory. You will be our next governor and I wish New Mexico well.

To the Democratic members of the Legislature both house and senate, thank you for your support in this election, and for your service to our state. I ask you, my fellow Democrats, to work with the new governor and your Republican colleagues.

It will be hard work, it will require a willingness to compromise on both sides of the aisle, and most of all it will demand civility and respect. The people of New Mexico deserve that.

This has been a hard-fought election but starting tonight the rancor must end as we pull together for the good of the state.

I will do what I can over the next sixty days to ensure a smooth transition.

I am proud to be a Democrat because I believe government can and must be a force for good.

I will never back down from that belief.

We are in an era of great cynicism. Sound bites and catch phrases without a whole lot of substance behind any of it.

The competition of ideas has lost out to the competition of gotcha.

We are all – me included – guilty of playing along with it.

I just hope in the future we can break the cycle of attack-driven politics – and have real conversations about what’s important – jobs, economic security, clean air and water, making sure kids have health care and a good education.

Tomorrow is a new day. New Mexico faces tremendous challenges and there is much work to be done. On January 1st I will again be a private citizen. But rest assured that I will be here with you to resolve the enormous challenges we face in this state that we love so much.

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11/2/10: Where to Vote Today! Polling Place Info and More

Polls are open TODAY, Tuesday, November 2, 2010 from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. If you are in line by 7:00 PM, you will be permitted to vote. If you have questions, contact your county clerk. Click for a sample ballot for your area. Click for information on the pros and cons of bond issues and constitutional amendments on the ballot. Check out the nonpartisan League of Women Voters of New Mexico Voters' Guide for more info. Click to review judicial evaluations.

Absentee Ballots: If you requested and received an absentee ballot and have not yet completed and returned it, you can do so UNTIL 7:00 PM TODAY at EITHER your polling place or your county clerk's office. Absentee ballots can only be returned by the voter, a household member or a caregiver. Don't believe the right-wing robocalls going out that say you can't turn them in, because they're GOP dirty tricks!

Questions or Problems: Count Every Vote New Mexico can answer your questions or take your report on problems encountered at the polls. Call their hotline at 1-866-OUR VOTE (866- 687-8683) for English speakers or 1-888-VE-Y-VOTA (888-839-8682) for Spanish speakers.

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Monday, November 01, 2010

Spirits Are High on Election Day Minus One at Denish-Colón Campaign HQ

Click for photo album

New Mexico's Democratic candidates for governor, Diane Denish, and lieutenant governor, Brian Colón, were at the busy Vote New Mexico office on San Mateo in Albuquerque around Noon today (photos above) to give a shout out to volunteers for their hard work, and rally voters. Spirits are high and internal polling shows this is a neck and neck horse race that will go down to the wire. The determining factor? Say it with me: DEMOCRATIC TURNOUT! GOTV!

State Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino joined Diane and Brian at the rally, urged folks to vote for Denish-Colon and Rep. Martin Heinrich and had this to say about the election and the lies spread by Republicans:

Tonight at 6:00 PM, President Barack Obama will join Diane Denish and Senator Jeff Bingaman for a tele-town hall with New Mexico voters. The tele-town hall will target more than 100,000 Democrats, who will be called and given an opportunity to join and hear from the President.

Diane talking about what's at stake

Brian talks about importance of election and thanks DFNM

The Denish campaign needs our help from now until the polls close tomorrow at 7:00 PM. Contact your nearest campaign office.

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VOTE! Find Your November 2, 2010 Election Polling Place

Polls are open on Tuesday, November 2, 2010 from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. If you have questions, contact your county clerk. Click for a sample ballot for your area. Click for information on the pros and cons of bond issues and constitutional amendments on the ballot. Check out the nonpartisan League of Women Voters of New Mexico Voters' Guide.

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Nonpartisan Hotlines Available for New Mexico Voters with Questions or Problems on Election Day

1-866-OUR VOTE (866- 687-8683)

1-888-VE-Y-VOTA (888-839-8682)

Election experts are available to answer calls from voters in New Mexico with questions about voting or who are experiencing problems at the polls. Count Every Vote New Mexico, a nonpartisan election protection coalition, offers two voter information hotlines, one in English and one in Spanish (listed above).

“Of course, the voter’s first recourse is to contact their County Clerk to ask questions or express concerns,” said Steven Robert Allen, director of Common Cause New Mexico, one of the coalition’s members. “But if for whatever reason someone has trouble connecting to the county clerk’s office, our program can help voters with everything from locating their assigned polling place to confirming their registration.”

The program will also have election observers stationed at polling places around the state on Election Day to help monitor the process and ensure that every New Mexican who’s eligible to vote has the opportunity to do so. To learn more about Count Every Vote New Mexico, go to www.counteveryvotenm.org.

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

NM Democrats Beating Republicans in Early Voting by 8000+ Votes


If you read or listen to the spinners of the pro-right-wing consortium that consists of the Albuquerque Journal-Brian Sanderoff-Joe Monahan-KKOB radio-Jim Villanucci-KOAT-TV (oh hell, lump in the rest of the TV "news" outfits) and others, you know that it's been proclaimed from on high, er low, that this election is a done deal. It's over even before election day has arrived. Right-Winger Message to Democrats: Don't even bother to vote on Tuesday.

It's a civic-minded bunch, isn't it? Having failed to do their duty in exposing the outright lies in so many GOP campaign ads, fully reporting the huge money flow to right-wing candidates, attending Dem candidate press conferences, asking why Susana Martinez refuses to be interviewed in the last weeks before the election or providing what used to be known as fair journalistic oversight of the campaigns, this bunch now appears to be on a coordinated campaign to hold down the turnout of Democrats.

We've all heard ad nauseum about the so-called "enthusiasm gap" of Democrats, and witnessed the dedicating slant feeding that myth and trying to make it a reality. Today there was even a headline on a Journal article by the always obedient "reporter" Sean Olson blaring that "Voters Face Long Ballot on Tuesday," even though the article itself only touches on that at the end. Hey potential voters -- don't bother because even the ballot, you know, is a bummer.

Dems Lead in Early Voting
I could go on down the twisting and turning path of collusion and slant provided by the main media machine in New Mexico, but let's just focus on one aspect of the spin for now: early voting turnout.

Here are the facts:

  • 8,000 more Democrats than Republicans have voted early, according to the most recent data provided by the Secretary of State. This data does not include Early Voting that took place on Saturday, traditionally the busiest Early Voting day of the cycle, which is expected to increase the Democrats’ early vote margin considerably.
  • Democrats also have a lead among “infrequent voters” -- those who typically don’t vote in non-presidential year elections -- a group that most experts consider a key turn-out target in order to win in 2010.
  • Early vote and absentee data from New Mexico show that Democrats in the state are outperforming Democrats in other states with competitive Governor races, such as Florida and Colorado. [Denver Post, 10/30/10; Palm Beach Post, 10/29/10]
  • And internal polling from just a week ago showed a much closer governor race -- 45-46 -- among likely voters. The internal polling in other campaigns also shows tight races, not romps.

As Denish campaign manager Chris Cervini explains:

Actual votes matter a lot more than polls, and there’s a reason that more Democrats than Republicans have already cast their ballots in this race. Democrats have a candidate who is a fighter for our families, while the Republicans are stuck with a nominee who sides with the powerful interests every time. Tuesday is the only poll that matters and we remain confident New Mexicans will vote for the candidate whose focus is on creating jobs, protecting public education, taking on predatory lenders, and making sure the wealthy out-of-state corporations pay their fair share. That’s Diane Denish.

DPNM Chairman Javier Gonzales adds:

Polls will go up and down, but at the end of the day, the only numbers that matter are at the ballot box -- and that’s where Democrats hold an unquestionable advantage going into Election Day. Democrats are energized, excited and getting to the polls in big numbers to support Diane Denish and their other Democratic candidates across New Mexico. That’s exactly what we expect to see on Election Day, which is the only poll that truly matters.

The Democratic message to Democratic voters? Keep on keepin' on! If you didn't vote early, be sure to vote on November 2nd between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM (find your polling place here). If you still have an absentee ballot, complete and hand deliver it to your county clerk or to your precinct by 7:00 PM on November 2nd.

Volunteer for Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts with Dem candidates, the party and OFA today through the end of election day on Tuesday, when the polls close at 7:00 PM. Urge your friends, neighbors and family members to vote and vote straight ticket Democrat.

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Right Wing Horror Show: Susana Martinez, Steve Pearce, Jon Barela, Tom Mullins AND Karl Rove

See greedy, anti-working family monsters Steve Pearce, Jon Barela, Susana Martinez, Tom Mullins and Karl Rove mash it up as only teabaggers can. Kinky little buggers. Don't let them trick er treat at your house -- they have only monstrous tricks (and lies) up their sleeves ...

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Photos and Videos: Labor 2010 GOTV Rally in Albuquerque

Click for photo album

Check out photos (above) and video clips (below) of some of the speeches from Saturday's high-energy Labor 2010 GOTV BBQ and Rally in Albuquerque. Besides lots of hard-working labor folks and other Dems, candidates from up and down the ticket attended to thank folks for all their hard work on the campaigns. These strong supporters of working families and economic justice urged everyone to keep on working from now right through Tuesday, when the polls close at 7:00 PM.

Senator Jeff Bingaman, Senator Tom Udall, governor candidate Diane Denish, lieutenant governor candidate Brian Colón, Rep. Martin Heinrich, State Auditor Hector Balderas, State Treasurer James L. Lewis, Secretary of State Mary Herrera, land commissioner candidate Ray Powell, Rep. Moe Maestas, Rep. Al Park, Rep. Eleanor Chavez, Rep. Ben Rodefer, Rep. Karen Giannini, Rep. Jack Thomas, New Mexico House candidate Alex Russell, City Councilor Ike Benton, Bernalillo County Sheriff Manny Gonzales, Appeals Court Judge Robert Robles and Metro Court Judge Christina Argyres were all on hand to share one main message:

If Democrats vote, Democrats win!

Also in attendance was Republican and former Governor Dave Cargo -- who has strongly endorsed the Diane Denish - Brian Colón ticket. As Cargo has said, the Republican Party of today isn't his Republican Party. And he's backing Democrat Denish over extreme right-wing Republican Susana Martinez. Good decision!

Regardless of what the pundits or the polls may say, the only real poll is on Election Day, when voter turnout is what matters. Democrats outnumber Republicans in the state by a healthy margin and if our voters turn out in good numbers, we will win -- no doubt about it. So get your body down to a campaign office, the Dem Party or OFA tomorrow, Monday and all day on Election Day if possible. There's so much at stake and unity and action are the keys to victory! Yes, we can! Si, se puede!

All photos and videos by M.E. Broderick.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Guest Blog: Early Vote Today for Rep. Ben Ray Luján and Help Us GOTV!

Ben Ray at Pojoaque Boys and Girls Club Halloween Carnival

This is a guest blog by Aaron Trujillo, who serves as Rep. Ben Ray Luján's campaign manager.

TODAY is the last day to vote early in New Mexico, and we need everyone to get out to the polls and make sure that their voice is heard in this election.

This election is too important to wait until the last minute to go to the polls. This election is crucial for anyone who cares about health care, about having clean air and water, about making sure that our kids have great schools and a chance to go to college. We have to get out and make our voices heard.

Find out your early voting location here.

Ben Ray has been standing up for people in New Mexico and has been traveling all over the district to talk to voters. Recently he visited Farmington, Chama, Espanola, Gallup, Taos, Tierra Amarilla, Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Mora, Wagon Mound, Raton, Springer and several other communities.

Ben Ray will be working non-stop over the next few days to reach out to voters and will keep doing so over the next three days. I hope that you will join our campaign in reaching out to your family, friends and neighbors to get them to vote in this important election.

We need every one, in every community, to bring their friends, families, and neighbors to the polls. Every person deserves to have their voice heard, and a chance to shape our democracy.

After you've voted, come out and volunteer with the campaign, or donate. Thanks for all your hard work, let's keep the momentum going!

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Friday, October 29, 2010

President Obama Records Early-Vote Robo-Call for Diane Denish

Young Navajo Nation supporters of Denish at event yesterday

Telling New Mexico voters to “support Diane Denish and vote early,” President Obama recorded a robo call for Denish that will go out to voters this afternoon. Click for an an mp3 of the call.

“Two years ago you stood with me to vote and move our country in a new direction. Now, I’m asking you to stand with me again and pledge your support for Diane Denish for Governor by voting early,” President Obama says on the call. “I hope you’ll join me and support Diane Denish for Governor by voting early. Thank you.”

The call is going out to nearly 150,000 infrequent Democratic voters and new Democratic voters from 2008.

To see our previous posts on the 2010 governor race, visit our archive.

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Today and Saturday: Last Chance to Vote Early in 2010 Election!

Ev Early voting in the 2010 general election will end at the close of business (times vary) tomorrow, Saturday, October 30. Find the hours and sites for early voting in your area by clicking here.

Visit the elections section of the website of the New Mexico Secretary of State for more information on elections and voting, as well as contact info for your county clerk's office. You can also obtain a sample ballot for your precinct. Click for information and pro and con arguments on bond issues and constitutional amendments that appear on the ballot.

The nonpartisan League of Women Voters of New Mexico provides links of lots of helpful information about voting and the election, including Voters' Guides that discuss statewide candidates, constitutional amendments and bond issues.

By voting early you can avoid election day lines and also give yourself time to volunteer for Dem Get Out The Vote efforts on election day, November 2nd. Please contact any candidate's campaign office (see below), the Democratic Party of New Mexico, your County Dem Party or OFA New Mexico (call Pam at 715-0787) for information on how you can get involved in GOTV efforts now through election day!

Contact Info for Major Candidate Campaign Offices

Diane Denish for Governor

Rep. Martin Heinrich for Congress NM-01

Rep. Harry Teague for Congress NM-02

Rep. Ben Ray Lujan for Congress NM-03

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Congressman Harry Teague Rallies Student Support at NMSU

Teague_007 Teague_009
NMSU students, Teague and student reporter

Contributing writer Stephen Jones checks in with more on-the-ground coverage from Southern New Mexico.

Congressman Harry Teague rallied student support outside the Corbett Student Center at New Mexico State University on Wednesday prior to the KRWG-TV debate between Teague and his Republican challenger Steve Pearce.

“It’s important that we put Democrats back into public office,” Teague told the students who came out to meet the candidate prior to the debate. Teague outlined his Congressional record on obtaining funding to support college and university students, and his backing for education funding targeted at returning veterans. “We’ve gotten more money for higher education in this Congress than at any time since the Montgomery GI Bill in the 1950’s,” Teague said.

Teague_001 Teague_003
Teague speaks to students

“You’re going to hear from our opponent tonight that he thinks we’re putting too much money into education," Teague continued. "We think it’s important for our future that everyone who wants an education has an opportunity to go to college.” Teague did not limit his remarks to college students. “You’re also going to hear us debate tonight, not only about college education, but the importance of public education,” Teague said. “I want everyone to have a chance to get here, no matter where you’re from.”

Teague touched on a range of issues for the students, including immigration issues and the economy. “It’s very important that we don’t step back to the sort of de-regulation that got us into the mess we’re in today,” Teague said. “It’s very important that we don’t go back to the way things were, the ways which are making it so tough for so many of you to get to school, and for you and your parents to keep you here in school.”

Teague_002 Teague_004
Teague, Brian Colón, Andy Segovia; Joel Cano and Teague

“We need to keep enough Democrats in Congress to keep even tougher times from happening,” Teague said. “It looks to me like Wall Street is gearing up to run all over Main Street, and pick our pockets again. Please go vote,” Teague told the students. “It’s not just important to keep Congress. It’s going to take all of us, from the Magistrate Judge to the Governor here in New Mexico.”

Teague was joined at the NMSU event by Brian Colón, Democratic Candidate for Lt. Governor, Andy Segovia, Democratic candidate for Doña Ana County Assessor, and Jose “Joel” Cano, candidate for Magistrate Judge.

Teague_005 Teague_010
Aggie Brian Colón, NMSU students

“I have been all over southern New Mexico today,” said Colón, “I’ve knocked on doors all over this county, talking about how important it is to re-elect Congressman Teague and to elect Diane Denish our next Governor,” he said. “Let me tell you that there are some stark differences between us and our opponents."

"We believe that we need to continue to invest in education, because an investment in education is an investment in economic development in our state of New Mexico, Colón continued. "We have to maintain our investment, whether it is early childhood development, or post-secondary education, and to put money into first-class research and development institutions like New Mexico State University,” Colón said, adding, “and I’m proud to say there is only one ‘Aggie’ in this race for Lt. Governor, and that’s Brian Colón.”

Teague_006 Teague_008

Segovia and Cano outlined the functions of their offices and pointed out the importance of NMSU students turning out to elect Democratic candidates in less visible “down-ballot” elections, such as themselves. Segovia told the students that he would continue to count on interns from the University if elected in November. Cano told the students, “One thing you need to consider is that if any of you, or those you know should ever be involved in some sort of infractions, you will be sent to the Magistrate Court. You want somebody who is fair and knowledgeable in the office. I urge you all to get out and vote.”

Photos by Stephen Jones. Click on photos for larger versions. To see more posts by Stephen, visit our archive.

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