Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tonight: Grand Opening of Pat Davis for Bernalillo County Sheriff Campaign Office

From Pat Davis for Sheriff:
Today, March 16, 2010, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM, you're invited to celebrate the Grand Opening of the Pat Davis for Bernalillo County Sheriff campaign headquarters. The new office is located at 2610 San Mateo Blvd. NE, Suite E, just off of I-40 at San Mateo and Menaul in Albuquerque (map).

Tuesday is a milestone day for me and the campaign -- Tuesday, March 16th, is 'Filing Day': the day local candidates formally file their Declaration of Candidacy and get on the ballot! Join us to celebrate this important milestone, and check out our new space! We'll have information about volunteer opportunities and greet all of our supporters.

Please join us to hear about our plans to get out the vote and how, with your help, we are going to elect the right sheriff for right now! Help me spread the word about our campaign by sharing this event with your friends.

Like my campaign, this event is open to everyone! Light refreshments provided. Donations or loans of office furniture, equipment and supplies are always welcome.

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Tonight: BernCo Dems Host Dem Sheriff Candidate Forum

The Democratic Party of Bernalillo County is hosting a forum with all of the Democratic candidates for Bernalillo County Sheriff tonight, March 4, at 6:00 PM, in Room 2401 at UNM Law School. The law school is located at 1117 Stanford NE (map). The public is welcome to attend.

The candidates for County Sheriff are: Pat Davis, Manny Gonzales, Marie "Sisi" Miranda and Felix Nunez.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Pat Davis for Bernalillo County Sheriff Announces Key Endorsements

PatDavisCr Pat Davis, candidate for Bernalillo County Sheriff, announced the following endorsements in the Democratic primary race:

Deborah Kuidis
Retired Deputy Chief,
Albuquerque Police Department
Former Commander, UNM Police Department

Idalia Lechuga-Tena
Former Assistant to
Albuquerque Mayor, Marty Chavez
Vice-President of La Mesa Neighborhood Association

Kathy Wright
Retired Chief Deputy District Attorney,
Bernalillo County

Angel Torres
Retired Sergeant,
Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department
Founder, County’s 1st DWI Unit

In response to what he called "key endorsements," Pat Davis issued this statement:

“These great New Mexicans understand that Bernalillo County needs the right sheriff for right now. I am humbled to have their support, and honored to work with them over the coming months and years.”

The endorsers in their own words:

“In my 30 years as an officer and supervisor, I never encountered an individual more passionate, devoted and qualified for law enforcement than Pat Davis. As a police officer in Washington DC during September 11, 2001, Pat Davis truly understands what it means to protect in a world full of threats and danger. As the only candidate to have been selected to train in the prestigious FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia, Pat Davis has unmatched expertise in the use of new technologies to fight and prevent crime. And as a proven leader and supervisor, Pat Davis knows the law, understands policy, and takes responsibility. Pat Davis is the right leader for right now, and I am honored to support him for Bernalillo County Sheriff.”

-Deborah Kuidis
Retired Deputy Chief, Albuquerque Police Department
Former Commander, UNM Police Department

"The policies we make in government affect real people. Putting people first matters in public service, and I'm supporting Pat because he is committed to putting people before politics when it comes to public safety."

-Idalia Lechuga-Tena
Former Assistant to the Albuquerque Mayor, Marty Chavez
Vice-President of La Mesa Neighborhood Association

"As a career prosecutor, I know the importance of having prosecutors and law enforcement work together with victims and our community to keep us all safe. I'm supporting Pat because he knows that there is more than one way to look at these issues, and more importantly, Pat Davis knows how to bring about real solutions that make a difference."

-Kathy Wright
Retired Chief Deputy District Attorney, Bernalillo County

“In 2009, I retired from the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department after 20 proud years of service and in 2005, I started the county's first DWI Unit. After more than a thousand DWI arrests in my career, I know first hand the devastation that DWI can bring to families, and I strongly believe we deserve a Sheriff who is committed to combating DWI with full force. That’s why I’m supporting Pat Davis for Sheriff.”

-Angel Torres
Retired Sergeant, Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BernCo Sheriff Candidate Pat Davis Weighs in on Guns in Restaurants Bill


Pat Davis, a Democratic candidate for Bernalillo County Sheriff, issued a statement today in response to New Mexico Senate Bill 40, Concealed Guns in Certain Restaurants. The bill, which would allow those with concealed carry permits to bring concealed guns into restaurants that have beer and wine licenses, passed both chambers of the New Mexico Legislature and is on Governor Bill Richardson's desk awaiting approval or a veto.

Davis said:

“I’m running for Sheriff because Bernalillo County needs the right leader for right now. Leadership is more than just heading a department; It’s speaking out and doing what’s right for the people you protect.

"There is currently an unnecessary bill before the Governor that would allow concealed weapons into beer and wine establishments. While, as a long-time gun owner myself, I strongly support an individual’s right to own and operate a firearm, the simple fact is guns and alcohol do not mix.

"While each can be enjoyed responsibly, mixing the two can be deadly. In a time when we are just beginning to realize true progress towards addressing alcohol-related issues, it is irresponsible for us to open the door to new opportunities for public safety to be compromised.

"As a police officer, I carried a weapon for years, both on-duty and off-duty. However, in that same role I saw far too many needless deaths, which resulted from reckless use of both alcohol and firearms.

"In short, this legislation does not enhance public safety in Bernalillo County and I join the New Mexico Restaurant Association and the many citizens of this great state in opposition to the bill, and strongly encourage Governor Richardson to veto.”

"New Mexico SB 40 unduly places the responsibility of enforcement of the provision on the owner or manager of an establishment and, by proxy, their employees. The law aso requires that concealed weapon permit owners know the difference between beer & wine only establishments and liquor license establishments, and that permit holders know whether 60% or more of an establishment’s income is derived from non-alcohol sales. The same standards will be required of police officers and prosecutors who pursue violations.

Many permit holders will assume that they can carry unless otherwise instructed, placing many law abiding citizens at risk for unnecessary prosecution and revocation of their permits. In addition, the legislation places no responsibility on patrons to refrain from alcohol consumption while armed."

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Dem Pat Davis Would Focus on Community Policing as Bernalillo County Sheriff

Click for larger version or album

Democrat Pat Davis had a large turnout of more than 100 supporters for the kickoff event for his run for Bernalillo County Sheriff on January 31 at the Sandia Courtyard Hotel in Albuquerque. The members of the crowd, like the candidates in this race, were diverse -- women and men, cops and non-cops, prosecutors and teachers, gays and straights, Hispanics, Anglos, young and not so young. Davis cited the diversity of the population -- and how well everyone gets along here -- as one reason he and his partner, Matt, who works for the Sheriff's Department as a detective, moved here.

Davis discusses turnout at event

Davis is big on community policing, and shaping how law enforcement operates to suit the specific character and needs of communities. In other words, he's not for a cookie-cutter approach, and he believes fighting crime takes creativity, a deep-seated knowledge of neighborhoods and a working relationship with the people who populate any community.

Pat Davis discusses his ideas on community policing

Davis has experience in a variety of law enforcement settings. As he says on his website, "I was a police officer with the US Capitol Police on 9/11, helping to evacuate terrified visitors and staff from the United States Capitol Building. I have proudly served as a cop in some of our nation’s most depressed housing projects and neighborhoods, where police and community resources were far outnumbered by gang members and drug dealers. I have led new divisions and initiatives to keep students safe on our community’s campuses."

Davis talks about his unique background

Pat grew up on a family farm, was an Eagle Scout at age 15, and has experience with the U.S. Capitol Police and Metropolitan Police Department in Washington DC, including service on a DEA task force targeting drug-related homicides. Here in Albuquerque, Davis was recruited to become a Lieutenant in the UNM Police Department, where he took the lead in developing an entirely new Special Operations Division for UNMPD. Catching the eye of his fellow law enforcement leaders, he became the youngest New Mexican to ever attend the prestigious FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. At night and online, he also earned a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice from New Mexico State University.

Pat's recent experience includes representing the police department and the Bernalillo County District Attorney's Office in the news and in the community, and serving on the Board of Directors of Albuquerque Metro Crime Stoppers. 

Davis talks about policing today during his kickoff speech

Davis wants to use his varied experience and top-notch education and training to implement policies that empower deputies to do innovative problem solving, emphasizing personal responsiveness to individuals in the community. He says that criminals are smarter these days so better crime analysis is vital in focusing the use of law enforcement resources to stop crimes before they happen. To do an effective job, Pat believes we need to build better bridges between the police, the community and our prosecutors -- marshaling all our resources in a coordinated effort that brings to bear the full power of all involved when and where it's needed. Davis stresses that it's cooperation that brings good prosecutions -- and that he has the skill set needed to to just that.

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Monday, February 01, 2010

Sisi Miranda Touts Experience, Honesty, Integrity at Campaign Kickoff for BernCo Sheriff

Click for larger version or album

Democrat Marie "Sisi" Miranda kicked off her campaign for Bernalillo County Sheriff on Friday at an event at Bandido's in Albuquerque that featured some notable martial arts figures -- Frank River, Phil Romero and Kurt Saenz -- among the supporters. Miranda is obviously pleased to have the honor of being the first woman to run for Sheriff in the county, but she's emphasizing her experience, honesty and integrity -- not just her gender. Most of all, she says, she's a candidate of change.

Sisi talks about experience handling budgets, need to do more with less; success of campaign event

Miranda is a veteran, a retired APD Deputy Chief II Commander and a former Deputy Secretary of the New Mexico Department of Public Safety. She's a third generation law enforcement official who served in some of the what she calls the Department’s toughest assignments and retired after establishing the Department's Homeland Security Division.

Commander Miranda also held a cross Commission as a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputy for more than 20 years, and is currently a member of the New Mexico Mounted Patrol. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from New Mexico State University in Foreign Languages and a Master's Degree in Organizational Management.

In her remarks at the kickoff, Miranda said she's been out in the community talking to people for about a year and has found that people want change in the Sheriff's Department. She said the people she spoke with want a change in the way police do business. They want more response and more efficiency in utilizing resources. They want honesty and integrity. They're tired of cover-up scandals within law enforcement and government in general, and politicians that are misusing taxpayer money.

Sisi Miranda believes she can deliver on those issues and more. She says she has the credentials, education and multi-agency experience to bring things together, and the passion to be successful. And that's why she's running for Sheriff.

Photos and videos by M.E. Broderick.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Martial Artists 'Kickin it Off' for Miranda for BernCo Sheriff This Friday

SisiMiranda120 From Democrat Sisi Miranda for Bernalillo County Sheriff: You, your family and friend are invited to a fundraiser. Come experience the fun with El Bandito’s Lucha Libre fighter alongside New Mexico’s own Martial Artist, Master Phil Romero as they unite in support of Miranda for Sheriff!

The event is set for Friday, January 29, from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM at Bandido Hideout, located at 2128 Central SE in Albuquerque (map). The recommended donation is $20.00. It's hosted by Master Phil Romero, Romero Wing Chun ~ Master Frank Rivera, Hung Gar the Tiger and Crain Kung Fu ~ Master Kurt Saenz, Saenz Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Click to RSVP on Facebook. For more info, email info@mirandaforsheriff.com.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kickoff for Pat Davis for BernCo Sheriff Set for Jan. 31 in ABQ

Pat Davis (L) shaking hands at DPBC event

From Pat Davis, Democrat for Bernalillo County Sheriff:

Please join me
Sunday January 31, 2010
3:00-4:30 PM
The Sandia Courtyard Hotel & Convention Center
10300 Hotel Avenue Northeast
(Eubank just North of I-40)
for the
'Sheriff Pat' Campaign Kickoff Event!

Show your support, meet other supporters and volunteers and take your chance to ask Pat about the issues that matter to Bernalillo County. Refreshments and hospitality provided by the campaign!

RSVP on Facebook or simply show up with friends! Please forward this info and invite your friends to join us for this great event in a great venue.

Subscribe to our email list to receive updates and news about the campaign. SEE YOU SUNDAY!

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Monday, November 30, 2009

(Updated) Captain Manuel Gonzales Named Interim Bernalillo County Sheriff

KRQE News report on the appointment of Manny Gonzales

Mgonzales140 Bernalillo County Sheriff's Captain Manuel Gonzales was unanimously selected by the Bernalillo County Commission at their meeting today to replace Sheriff Darren White, who will serve as the Public Safety Director at the City of Albuquerque. Gonzales, who is a Democrat, was sworn in today by Judge Ted Baca, and will serve as interim Sheriff until the election of a new Sheriff in November of 2010.

Gonzales has reportedly indicted he will run for the post. Click to check out his campaign website.

KRQE reported that in the nominations before today's unanimous vote, Councilor Maggie Hart-Stebbins said she supported retired APD officer Marie Miranda, a Democrat, while Commissioner Michael Brasher stated he backed Repubican William Kurth -- a choice that was seconded by Commissioner Michael Wiener. Neither candidate, however, had the votes to win. Chairman Alan Armijo then nominated Gonzales, and the Commissioners decided to go along and gave him their unanimous support.

There were 21 candidates who applied for the position:

  • Baragiola, Salvatore; BERNCO Undersheriff
  • Bowdich, Joesph; former sheriff
  • Candelaria, Conrad; APD Commander
  • Chavez, Eli; former DEA & CIA
  • Chavez, Joe; retired APD
  • Chavez, Robert Gene; retired APD, APS employee
  • Davis, Patrick; District Attorney’s office
  • Dennis, Roy; former Torrance County Sheriff’s dept.
  • Gonzales, Manuel; BERNCO Sheriff’s Captain
  • Hatcher, Roger; Tucumcari Chief of Police
  • Dan Houston; no info on him
  • Kurth, William; retired APD
  • Lincoln Jr., Douglas; BERNCO reserves, retired Air Force
  • Lopez, Leslie; Bosque Farms Police Dept.
  • Medina, Louis; private investigator, retired NM State Police
  • Miranda, Marie; retired APD
  • Nunez, Felix; former Town of Bernalillo Police Dept.
  • Paiz, Ronald; retired APD
  • Sanchez, Greg; retired APD
  • Stanley, Sylvester; retired BERNCO Sheriff’s Dept.
  • Studerus, Theodore; retired APD

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

10/31: Halloween Costume Party Campaign Fundraiser for Felix Nunez

NunezEvent From the Committee to elect Felix Nunez for Bernalillo County Sheriff 2010: Candidate Felix Nunez would like to invite you to a spooky fun Halloween Costume Party. So come out and enjoy food, dancing and remember to bring your funniest, scariest and sexiest costumes to be judged for our contest. Music provided by Richie Rich DJ Entertainment.

The fundraiser is scheduled for Saturday, October 31, 2009 from 7:00 PM to midnight a the Ladera Golf Course Banquet Room, 3401 Ladera Drive NW in Albuquerque (map). The donation ticket prices are $30 (Monster Single), $55 (Spooky Couple) and $300 (Haunted Table of 10). For more information email nunezforsheriff@gmail.com.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Felix Nunez for Bernalillo County Sheriff to Host Kick-Off Event

FelixnunezFrom the Committee to Elect Felix Nunez Bernalillo County Sheriff: Felix Nunez is inviting you, your friends and family to join him as he announces his candidacy as a Democrat for Bernalillo County Sheriff in June 2010. This is a family fun event. There will be swimming and lots of food, don’t forget your swim suit and towel!

Date: Saturday, June 27, 2009
Time: 5:30–8:30 PM
Where: Sierra Vista Pool, 5001 Montano Road NW 87120, ABQ

For questions contract Nunez for Sheriff at 505-352-5387. Thank you ... Donations will be accepted. Paid by the Committee to Elect Felix Nunez Bernalillo County Sheriff.

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