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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ring Around the Roundhouse for Marriage Equality - The Video

Video of World's Biggest Engagement Ring

At noon on Saturday, October 17, 2009 supporters of marriage equality, organized by Equality New Mexico, created the largest engagement ring in the world (Guinness World Record pending). Consisting of a long stream of gold lame fabric held by a reported 356 people, as well as a makeshift "diamond," the ring stretched around the entire perimeter outside the Roundhouse in Santa Fe as a Special Session of the New Mexico Legislature was about to get underway.

Although no bills regarding marriage equality will be introduced at this Special Session devoted to budget matters, supporters aimed to keep the issue in the legislative spotlight, where it belongs. If some of us don't have full equal rights under civil law, it means that none of us do -- not really. The message was clear -- it's time for LGBT folks to receive all the rights other Americans take for granted, including marriage equality. We're American citizens and we'll keep on fighting until out communities, and the government, fully recognize that fact.

Side note: At about the same time, Tea Party advocates held a press conference and rally in the Capitol Rotunda. About 30 people reportedly showed up. What a contrast.

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