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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Behold the Poetic Justice

If you're anything like me -- and I think many of you are -- it's easy to get really down in the dumps about the giant cluster-you-know-what that's evident at virtually every level of society and in virtually every realm of endeavor on the planet these days. Yes, we cling to hope, but we keep seeing harbingers of cataclysmic doom clouding the horizon as we lift up our eyes and try to discern what's coming.

At such times, it can be helpful to consult San Francisco Chronicle columnist Mark Morford. If nothing else, Morford is sardonic enough to reach the most cynical reaches of our souls and, ironically, bring some healing laughter there by changing the angle of our perceptions. Check out his latest column to see what I mean. There, don't you feel better now, widening your lens? (h/t to TH)

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