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Monday, November 03, 2008

Dem Tim Jennings Recorded Robocall for Repub Leonard Lee Rawson

SJENTAccording to the blog of Santa Fe New Mexican reporter Kate Nash, Democrat Tim Jennings of Roswell (right), the current President Pro-Tem of the New Mexico Senate, recorded a robocall in support of Republican incumbent Senator and Minority Whip Leonard Lee Rawson. Rawson, who's known as a foe of campaign finance and ethics reform, among other things, is in a tough battle against reform Democrat and environmental supporter Steve Fischman in SD 37 in the Las Cruces area.

You can listen to Jennings' robocall here.

What a loyal Democrat, eh? He joins the ranks of fellow disloyal Dem Dan Silva, who got beat by Eleanor Chavez in the June primary in HD 13 in Albuquerque. Silva was also known as a foe of reform. Funny how that works. As a posted previously, Silva admitted to providing confidential voter registration data to the New Mexico Republican Party to assist them in their recent bogus "voter fraud" claims trumpeted by Rep. Justine Fox-Young.

SRAWSJennings reportedly is upset about a robocall he received from a "conservation group" he can't identify that is critical of Rawson's ethics. Even though Jennings claims he isn't "endorsing" Rawson (right), it sure walks like a duck to me (to use AG Gary King's infamous language). Nash reports that Gov. Bill Richardson isn't happy about it:

"It is unfortunate and inappropriate that Senator Jennings has chosen to interfere in a key Senate race against a strong Democratic candidate like Steve Fischman," Richardson said in a statement."His actions contradict what he told the Democratic State Senate Campaign Committee and me. At the very least he could have stayed silent. Instead, he has injected himself into a race against his own party at a critically important time."

Jennings also is quoted by Nash as saying:

"I have no desire to go against my party or anything else, but I for one believe you should stand up when somebody says something that isn't true." And, he said, as Senate president, he has to look out for the good of the whole body. "As the elected leader of the Senate, I’m not supposed to be for one party or the other, I’m supposed to be about what’s right for the Senate."

Um, Tim, when you directly involve yourself in a partisan Senate race on the side of a Republican, that's not tending to Senate business -- that's butting in on election politics and seeking to preserve the status quo you have come to know and love.

A New Mexico Independent piece reported Democratic Party of New Mexico Chair Brian Colon had this to say about Rawson's robocall:

[Jennings] is apparently more interested in holding on to his position of leadership in the Senate than he is in doing what is right for the people of New Mexico.” “It is clear that he has made a deal with Rawson. Sen. Jennings’ false robocalls on behalf of a notoriously right-wing Republican are shameful,” Colón said. “He does not speak for Democratic leadership anywhere in New Mexico who look forward to working with new leaders from southern New Mexico — leaders like Steve Fischmann.”

Certain Repubs and Dems seem to be behaving as if their common distaste for ethics reform is stronger than any partisan loyalties they may have. That's what sometimes happens when the interests of donors and access to sweetheart appropriations are at stake. Those used to the good ole' boy way of doing things get upset when challengers interested in ethics reform and environmental issues threaten to upset the status-quo apple cart.

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Jeez, the good old boy tribe is worried. All their power and the power of their big money donors is at stake. We need to get rid of all of them.

Posted by: Josie | Nov 3, 2008 7:54:37 PM

Weird that Jennings can't remember the name of the conservation group that did the supposed robocall about Rawson. If I were going to piss off my party by backing a guy from the other side I would have made sure to get the name.

Posted by: LT | Nov 3, 2008 7:59:31 PM

When I have asked Senator Jennings why he votes Republican he has always said that it is because he has to vote for the people in his district. He obviously doesn't know that there are Democrats there too. I hope that the new Legislature responds properly to Senator Jennings actions, unlike how the United States Congress responded to Senator Joe Liberman!

Posted by: Terry Riley | Nov 3, 2008 9:51:08 PM

I never thought I would see the day that our party would show such hatred to someone for standing up in what they believe.
Fischmann's campaign has been nothing but lies and character assassination. It is nice to see Sen. Jennings stand up against such meanspirited attacks.
I look forward to voting for Rawson today.

Posted by: Ben | Nov 4, 2008 5:13:04 AM

Do some research. 4 other Democratic legislators have stood up for Rawson.
These people work with him on a regular basis. If they all say Fischmann is lying about Rawson, one has to give it some consideration.
Fischmann should be ashamed of himself. To bad he hasn't gotten to know the real Sen. Rawson.

Posted by: Ben | Nov 4, 2008 5:23:33 AM

I see the Rawson weasels are here with their excuses. The fact remains that Rawson got a special appropriation for a road adjacent to his property and is not even in his district. Same on him.

As for Jennings, he and his cronies have blocked so much needed legislation on ethics, health care, the environment and more. He votes Republican most of the time. Fine let him switch parties then. We don't want him.

Posted by: Sick of Jennings | Nov 4, 2008 9:07:30 AM

Stop and think about Senator Rawson, he voted against the paper ballots and funding for our county clerks new expenses. This alone should convince everybody that he is bad for our state. Anybody who stands up for him should be questioned.

Terry Riley

Posted by: Terry Riley | Nov 4, 2008 11:04:45 AM

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