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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Update from Rick Lass for PRC Campaign

Rick_lass_201x300 From the Elect Rick Lass Campaign: As the campaign enters its final push, we want to bring you up to date on recent developments in this high-profile, pivotal campaign for a seat on the Public Regulation Commission in District 3 in Northern New Mexico.

In the last week we've seen a marked increase in the flow of endorsements to our campaign – and at least one organization's withdrawal from the list of Jerome Block, Jr.'s endorsers. Our list of endorsers can be found here. It includes new endorsements from the Los Alamos Monitor, the Santa Fe New Mexican, the Santa Fe Reporter, the Las Vegas Optic, and a number of Santa Fe city councilors. The article about Block, Jr.'s former endorser can be found here.

Jerome Block, Jr. decided to take on Rick Lass in one area of his expertise: campaign financing (Lass lobbied for public financing and then co-founded the nonprofit Voting Matters). Block, Jr.'s dubious complaint to the Secretary of State, and Lass's response, can be found here. The New Mexican's story on the fine levied on Block, Jr. for misuse of public financing campaign funds can be found here.

Jerome Block, Jr. finally agreed to appear in public with Rick Lass. He and Lass met at a forum (open to the public, but costing $25) co-sponsored by the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Commerce and Industry. The New Mexican has an article and video of the forum which you can find here.

For Rick Lass and his campaign team, this has always been about the fundamental pocketbook issues, the roles and responsibilities of corporations in our society, and the importance of a future focused energy policy. We are seeing on an international scale the effects of poor and poorly enforced regulation. Every New Mexican is affected by the decisions of the PRC regarding insurance, utilities, energy and transportation policies, and the PRC's other oversight responsibilities.

Rick Lass has a web site with his positions clearly stated, and has been ubiquitous in Northern New Mexico as he has made himself available to voters and the media alike, because he believes in advocacy and transparency in the PRC and its candidates. If you compare his and his opponent's records of advocacy, their web sites, and their itineraries, a clear picture of the candidates and their relative strengths emerges.

In addition to and independent of the hard work of our own campaign's volunteers, other groups have been weighing in: Conservation Voters of New Mexico and Democrats for Rick Lass. You can hear a radio ad from CVNM at Swing State of Mind. You can see the Dems for Lass press conference at here, and hear their friendly robo-call at here.

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