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Monday, September 29, 2008

NM-01: New Heinrich Ad Goes After White's Dismal Record

Can we trust George Bush's favorite sheriff? That's the question asked of viewers in Martin Heinrich's new, hard-hitting TV ad in the NM-01 race. The ad's narrator accuses White of lying in his ads attacking Heinrich's record, and states that Heinrich is the only candidate in the race who has cut taxes.

The ad goes on to mention some of the bleaker moments in Darren White's career, when he was New Mexico's Secretary of Public Safety. Like getting caught misspending thousands of dollars of drug enforcement money for things like luxury cars and lawnmowers. How the wives of state cops accused him of endangering their husbands' lives. And how 89% of state cops voted for a no-confidence measure against White -- a development that ultimately drove him to quit the post.

The ad ends with the narrator askng, "If New Mexico police can't trust him, how can we?" Good point. It's satisfying to see Heinrich's campaign hitting back hard with the facts. White's campaign has relied almost entirely on less than truthful negative attacks on Heinrich to try and fool voters. That's what happens when the "conservative" political philosophy of a candidate like White has been clearly shown to be a farce, and a damaging, destructive farce at that. White, like many other Repubs this cycle, can hardly campaign on the issues -- so his campaign has been flailing about making bogus claims about Heinrich.

Heinrich Up About 5 Points in Polling
White's nasty campaign tactics are apparently not working very well as Heinich is up 6 points over White, 48-42%, in the campaign's latest internal polling of likely voters conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research. With leaners, Heinrich leads 50-45%. This follows a September 3rd Roll Call/Survey USA poll that showed Heinrich with a 5-point lead over White.

Beat the Deadline
The ad comes at a time when the September 30 candidate fundraising deadline is upon us. Martin and the rest of our True Blue New Mexico candidates could use a bunch of small (or not so small) donations to give them what they need to battle through the last month of this long election season. We make it easy for you here.

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