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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

American Democracy: Time Has Come Today

CryingI regularly feel dumbfounded nowadays, which isn't a characteristic state for me. Be that as it may what more can truly be said in regards to the interminable, unabated revulsions of the Bush organization and its ambushes on government responsibility, reason, democracy, the Constitution, common freedoms, the rule of law, nature, the economy and even normal fairness? It's altogether been said -- the savaging of so much has been reported unendingly plainly, over and again. What's more, there's more new confirmation consistently.

What's required is some tuning in and, the vast majority of all, activity with respect to individuals who have the ability to take care of this rebellious demogogue and his complicit colleagues. We require them (if there are any) to get genuine - to be as genuine about their restriction as BushCo is about its steady strike on equity and majority rules system. Without that, we are dead. Our majority rules system is dead. Our future is dead. The planet is dead.

Rather, we have the same old thing in the Congress, the same old thing in the customary media, nothing new in the citizenry, the same old thing all around. Is it accurate to say that we are truly expected to mollify ourselves with feeble, toothless, exacting protestations about minor, fringe matters as the framework of self-government implodes in full sight of anybody willing and capable raise their eyes to it?

I do it without anyone else's help. Occupied myself with political everyday, with the most recent wrinkles in the most recent political maneuverings, with the minutia of the machine. I persuade myself that doing things that may potentially alleviate the most noticeably awful of BushCo's effects is justified, despite all the trouble, in any event for the present. Be that as it may, with very nearly zero in the method for bona fide, powerful or fair reactions from our "pioneers" and "delegates," how much longer would i be able to keep it up?

TornflagI'm certain a large number of you perusing this can relate. We can't manage the cost of any all the more shrinking away from the real issue, actually or allegorically. What we require is for individuals with genuine energy to wake up and utilize it for the benefit of the general population and the majority rules system. As ex-Marine Bruce Clark (whose child is positioned north of Baghdad) said at the current Iraq Summer occasion - this is TREASON, this is TYRANNY. More of the general population - some in moderately high places - are letting it out, yet our open figures and power merchants limp on, mumbling maxims. We raise our voices, we dissent, we appeal, we assemble cases, we endeavor to apply weight yet regardless of how convincingly or noisily we do these things, existing conditions is permitted to go ahead or compound.

There is a kind of dangerous loss of motion tainting the individuals who should know better, the individuals who know in their souls they should act now or everlastingly be noiseless. We can just do as such much around here in the hinterlands. Those in the circles of energy are the ones who must, finally, LEAD. They should consider it terrifically important, for what it is: a down to business assault on our vote based system and everything positive it has ever accomplished or can accomplish. However, is it as of now past the point of no return for even that?

Persuasive faultfinder and author Chris Floyd says it is in his long, chilling, yet famously legitimate piece entitled, "Post-Mortem America: Bush's Year of Triumph and the Hard Way Ahead." I can't in any way, shape or form cite enough for you to get the full flavor, so kindly do read the whole post. Here are only a couple of nuggests, to draw you into perusing the entire thing:

The Republic you needed - and at one time may have had the ability to reclaim - is done. You never again have the ability to keep it; it's not there. It was grabbed in December 2000, assaulted by the ready to rock and roll exploiters of 9/11, whored by the war pimps of the 2003 hostility, gut-cut by the defilers of the 2004 vote, and assaulted again by its "rescuers" after the 2006 decision. Beaten, manhandled, infected and relinquished, it at last passed on. We are living in its grave.

The annus horribilis of 2007 has ended up being a time of triumph for the Bush Faction - the contract killers who conveyed the coup de grâce to the long-hopeless Republic. Bush was composed off as an intermediary after the Democrat's November 2006 decision "triumph" (truth be told, the tightest of triumphs squeezed out regardless of a blow out of bamboozling and settling by the failures), and the resulting salvo of Establishment accord from the Iraq Study Group, upholding a de-acceleration of the war in Iraq. At that point came a progression of outrages, examinations, prominent renunciations, even the criminal conviction of a best White House official. In any case, regardless of this - and appalling survey appraisals also - in the course of recent months Bush and his coupsters have seen each and every component of their savage oppression affirmed, countenanced and broadened.

What would we be able to do? What would we be able to do? What would we be able to do? Does anybody know the appropriate response? How might we get those in places of energy to act - suitably, unequivocally and now?

In specific circles words like defiance and upheaval and political agitation and resistance are bandied about as necessities, as the main approaches to neutralize the powers of innovative autocracy. Yet, even in these enclaves, there is no development sufficiently solid to make a mark. There is just more hand-wringing, feedback, capitulation to the inevitable, exhaust signals, repetition reactions. I assume this post is recently business as usual. In all actuality, nobody appears to recognize what to do or how to do it or how to incite it or how to shape it and move it.

The war which we were told the Democrats and ISG agreement would end or slow down has obviously been heightened to its most prominent level yet - more troops, more airstrikes, more soldiers of fortune, more Iraqi hostages swelling the mammoth jail camps of the involving influence, greater unsteadiness annihilating the very texture of Iraqi society. The plainly illicit reconnaissance projects of the dictator administration have now been systematized into law by the Democratic Congress, which has additionally let stand the gutting of habeas corpus in the Military Commissions Act, and a pile of other liberty-stripping laws, principles, controls and official requests. Bush's self-proclaimed discretionary power to seize American residents (and others) without charge and hold them uncertainly -- even kill them -- has in like manner been unchallenged by the lawmakers. Bush has audaciously opposed Congressional subpoenas -- and even discretionarily stripped the Justice Department of the ability to implement them -- to no other response than a stern guarantee from Democratic individuals to "look further into this issue." His representatives -- and his " marking explanations" -- now straightforwardly announce his express abhor for agent government, and state every step of the way his sovereign appropriate to "decipher" - or disregard - enactment as he wishes.

CheneyshadesWhat we need are managers up to the errand, regardless of where we glimpse, whether inside or without. We require another Martin Luther King, Jr., another Mahatma, another Mother Jones, another Jefferson, another suffragette city of sorts. I don't detect anything or anybody like that not too far off, isn't that right? Furthermore, I absolutely don't detect anything genuinely up to the undertaking inside myself. You should? Would we be able to the general population ascend finally, bidden or unbidden, and have any effect whatsoever? Isn't there in any event inborn incentive in having a go at something? Yet, what?

Once more, as Floyd composes:

... there is no place left for the sort of [civil disobedience] activity that Thoreau supported. His way – and that of Gandhi and King, who took such a great amount from him – imagines a state adversary which one could plan to disgrace into fair activity by the unrivaled good power of principled common noncompliance. In any case, the very sign of the present administration is its forwardness, its articulate absence of any feeling of respect or guideline, its inhuman dependence on crude power.

All things considered, there is this, if just this:

So whatever we can do, we should do it without anyone else's help. On the off chance that we have no power or impact, in the event that we can't take vast moves, at that point we should take little ones. Each word or activity raised against the topple of the Republic will discover a resound some place, starting with one individual then onto the next to another to the following - each disconnected, singular voice gradually discovering its way into a swelling melody of difference.


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Barb, my Dad used to say, "Don't let the bastards grind you down!". I have more faith than that in America and in my fellow citizens - and now is no time to give up. Yes, things are still crappy and the occupation shows no sign of ending before Bush leaves. But there are signs, small signs, everywhere of success. Maybe not as many or as fast as we want, but signs nonetheless. Gonzo is gone, Rove is gone, Rumsfeld is gone. Even Tony Snow is bailing. Wide stance Craig is resigning - or maybe he'll stick around a drive the RNC crazy! The Republican party brand has been tarnished beyond hope and the corruption scandals will continue, driving people even further away. Young people are rejecting them in great numbers. This is a good time to be a Democrat! The pendulum is swinging back to sanity - you can see it as Olbermann continues to pick up audience despite, or because of, his outspokenness. Hang in there, January 2009 is coming! We will survive 'til then, and a new era will start, with a Democratic President, and 55-45 Senate. And we WILL clean up this mess.

Posted by: Tom Solomon | Sep 4, 2007 9:34:53 PM

Hey Tom - Thanks for the pep talk. We all need one at some time, don't we?

I know change won't come overnight and I know we have made much headway considering where we started, what we are up against and how much money and power they have to work against us. But sometimes it has to be said I think -- Wake up people. Wake up elected Dems. Wake up candidates. This is an emergency, not just same shit, different day. I know you know what I mean.

We have no choice but to continue. Let's hope many more are ready to join in and demand change.

Posted by: barb | Sep 5, 2007 5:19:39 PM

Barb, I for one consider you to be an important agent for change in this little region of the world. Thank you for your diligence. I enjoy reading your blog that lends a voice to progressives of this beautiful state of NM.

Posted by: qofdisks | Sep 5, 2007 11:01:59 PM

gofdisks: Thanks for the kind words. There are many people working every day to make things better, doing what they are good at. Chipping away.

Posted by: barb | Sep 6, 2007 9:07:08 AM

Sorry I've not been commenting as much as normal lately... been busy, and my cell phone doesn't always let me comment.

Anyway, we all become disheartened from time to time in anything that we truly feel passionate about. It even came out recently that Mother Theresa, who is in the running to become a Saint last I heard, had her own crisis of faith.

Don't give up, though... you've been doing a great job spreading the word.

Posted by: Randall Sobien | Sep 6, 2007 6:28:18 PM

I'm not the first person to say this and I won't be the last . . . the situation we find this country in is a direct result of the manipulation of our democracy and the two-party stranglehold on our electoral system. Politics- & politicians-as-usual simply don't need to listen to us anymore because what choice do we have? They can trade power back and forth, couch politics in terms of a football game and ultimately not change a damn thing!

It's obvious we need new voices, we should have third parties front and center within the debate, but for that we need an emancipation of our electoral laws to level the playing field. The Green Party of the US offers a progressive alternative (see www.gp.org) and has maintained a steadfast voice against the Iraq debacle from day one, but like the suffragettes, third parties in the US operate in a climate of petty fear-driven hostility.

Don't you agree that if we had alternatives, if there were a true opposition party, if your vote were your's to freely cast and not considered "owned" then perhaps parties of all shades would find it necessary to actually act in an accountable manner to their constituencies and honor promises to end wars, provide healthcare, truly lead and make the hard decisions on issues of energy and environmental sustainability?

The time has come indeed.

Posted by: Michal | Sep 6, 2007 6:46:39 PM