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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday Bird Blogging: 2006 Primary Election Edition

(Click on photos for larger views.)

As you may recall, Bosco the peach-faced lovebird is a political junky. He likes to hang out with me when I check out the blogs, read the newspaper or watch Keith Olbermann or CSPAN. Bosco has taken his time picking candidates in the Democratic primary -- reading websites and brochures, watching candidate forums, following the endorsements. This morning he came to his final decisions, even though he doesn't have a Social Security number and can't register to vote. He's not even an official member of DFNM. Nevertheless, Bosco wanted me to tell you about his personal choices, which he insists are shared by all the avians in our home.

Bosco assembled a display of political paraphernalia for the Dems he supports in most of the big primary races (top), plus a few others. In the uncontested races Bosco is, of course, for Jeff Bingaman for NM Senator, Patricia Madrid for Congress in CD1, Al Kissling for Congress in CD2, Tom Udall for Congress in CD3, Bill Richardson for Governor, for Lt. Governor, James Lewis for Treasurer and Clay Campbell for District Judge.

In the contested races, Bosco revealed he's for Geno Zamora for Attorney General, although it was a tough choice. In the end, Bosco decided on Geno because he supports the establishment of an independent public integrity commission to be a watchdog over NM government. Bosco considers such reform as essential to cleaning up politics in NM. Common Cause NM backs an independent ethics commission too.

Bosco's also for Stephanie Gonzales for Secretary of State, Jim Baca for Land Commissioner, Jeff Armijo for State Auditor and Karen Montoya for Bernalillo County Assessor. And even though he's not in their districts, he really likes Shay Rose for State Rep. in District 28 and Moe Maestas for State Rep. in District 16.


One last thing. Bosco was vehement about getting the bumpersticker shown above into a photo. No explanation needed!

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Not only is Bosco colorful and handsome, he's a smart dude too!
We must stay tuned...It'll be interesting to see his choices come November!

Shay Rose

Posted by: Shay Rose | Jun 7, 2006 9:29:14 AM

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