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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sound Off: Time for Outrage at Emperor Bush

This Soundoff is from Tom Solomon:


My friends,

It is time to be outraged.

By ordering the National Security Agency to spy on American citizens without a judicial warrant, Bush has gone too far. He is clearly violating the law. He believes his authority is unconstrained by the Constitution he swore to uphold, and like Napoleon, he has crowned himself King. Well he is not our king, he is not our emperor and he is not above the law.

This is the time, if no other, when we must make our outraged voices heard. This is a democracy, damn it, with a Constitution that places checks and balances on our government. The people rule here, not Emperor Bush.

Our Senators and Representatives must exercise their oversight authority and demand that this illegal behavior be stopped and stopped immediately. We should flood their phone lines and email in-boxes with our outrage at this illegal violation of American's civil rights.

I urge you to take a few minutes today to call our NM Senators and Representatives and tell them in no uncertain terms what you feel. Please make it clear that they should require President Bush to:

a. immediately reverse this directive on domestic spying
b. promise to desist in the future from warrantless spying on Americans
c. cooperate fully with a bi-partisan investigation of the policy
d. release the texts of the directives along with the legal opinions they were based on
e. identify to the Senate all residents of the US who were targets of unconstitutional spying

Here are the phone numbers to call:
Representative Heather Wilson   DC: (202) 225-6316  or ABQ: (505) 346-6781
Senator Pete Domenici   DC:  (202) 224-6621 or ABQ  (505) 346-6791
Senator Jeff Bingaman  DC: (202) 224-5521 or ABQ (505) 988-6647
And in Sandoval County and points north,
Representative Tom Udall   DC: (202) 225-6190 or ABQ (505) 984-8950

It is also easy to send them emails by using Congress.org.

Please let's raise an enormous stink about this. Bush has placed himself above the law, and above the people. It is time to remind him who he works for.

Good background information, if you want to know more: Raw Story article; LA Times editorial.

Editor's Note: According to another article on Raw Story, Sen. Barbara Boxer Boxer said she's asked "four presidential scholars" for their opinion on impeachment after former White Housel counsel John Dean -- made famous by his role in revealing the Watergate tapes -- asserted that President Bush had 'admitted' to an 'impeachable offense.' Also Senator Robert Byrd has released a scathing statement about the administration's intelligence abuses. And the LA Times reports the NY Times had the info on this story BEFORE the 2004 presidential election.

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This is the last straw. If we don't speak up now, we will have no excuse when Bush does even worse things.

Posted by: Jay | Dec 20, 2005 1:13:28 PM




Posted by: -suz | Dec 20, 2005 2:58:52 PM

Ah yes, a HOLIDAY singalong is right on time. If we sing the song all together maybe we can jam the frequencies...

And suz, It would be great to have video surveillance on this (from your blog at DemSpeak) by BushCo operatives:


Posted by: barb | Dec 20, 2005 8:29:18 PM

Imagine what would have happened if the New York Times had released this story when it first had it, BEFORE the presidential election. I can't imagine that a President Kerry would be taking us down a road so brutal, illegal and full of torture.

Posted by: Anonymous | Dec 21, 2005 11:21:24 AM

If anyone has not clicked on the link above...world world - you should. It is very heavy, and sobering. This is a true reminder of why we are fighting for change so hard. I must say I do not want that treatment of children in my name in any way shape or form.

Posted by: mary ellen | Dec 21, 2005 5:32:01 PM